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Basic Credits

The Standard Service plan for – a simple, easy to use layout for the users. The standard package enables users to upload their own images and videos. After registration, the user will get 50 basic credits with the standard plan.

Hot Credits

Hot Service plan consists of a dynamic layout including additional projects, different profiles and listings, including the website homepage. The additional benefits include photography, videography including the drone/aerial footage and a collection of curated profiles.

Super Hot Credits

With the Super Hot service plan, the high visibility across the website portal will increase the number of leads. The exclusively designed listings and featured ads provide premium placement to the clients across the portal. Along with the benefits of photography, videography and drone footage, the Super Hot service plan also provides the clients with a 360-degree view of every project.

Refresh Credits

Refresh the credits to ensure your visibility and prioritize your listings on the portal. Make your listing available to the buyers by updating your posting date.

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