Outstanding Pakistan Cricket Stadium for Cricket Lovers

The Pakistan Super League is getting ready for its season, with the PCB hosting all the matches. As such, it's about as good of a time as any to take a look at some incredible cricket stadiums in your home country.

Top Cricket Grounds in Pakistan 

The best Pakistani cricket stadiums are showcased below, from Karachi's National Stadium and Lahore Gaddafi stadium to Sialkot in Punjab. We’ll also discuss some stats about each ground, along with their seating capacity for you. 

  • National Stadium Karachi

The National Stadium was built in 1955 and has been the home ground of many successful teams, including PSL team Karachi Kings. It is one of Pakistan's best cricket stadiums with an official seating capacity for 34 thousand people, but it usually costs much more when high attendance games or major competitions are going on at any given time because this venue never disappoints.

Since its construction, the stadium has seen several international matches being played, including the 1987 and 1996 World Cup finals. It also hosted a PSL match in 2019, where nine games were held here, with an opening ceremony for next year's edition.

  •  Gaddafi Stadium Lahore

The Gaddafi Stadium was built in 1959 and named after Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, who gave an inspiring speech during OIC II. The stadium now also houses Pakistan's main training academy for cricket and the home ground of Lahore Qalandars.

The Lahore stadium has hosted some of the most famous matches in Pakistan, including two World Cup finals. The 2017 PSL final was held here as well. It's a pitching-friendly ground with its modern floodlights and backup generator for power.

The Gaddafi Stadium has been the venue of many matches in PSL 2020, including 14 played here. This includes the semi-finals and finals. 

  • Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium Rawalpindi

The Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium is a modern stadium home to Islamabad United in the PSL. It was built with 28000 spaces for spectators. The Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium is a busy venue for the 1996 World Cup due to its favorable pitch, but several Test matches have also been played here. The stadium will host 8 PSL6 Matches.

  • Multan Cricket Stadium

The new and improved Multan Cricket Stadium was inaugurated in 2001 to replace the aging Ibn-e Qasim Bagh stadium. The 35000 seat capacity makes it a popular venue for matches between local teams and hosts various sports events such as football or hockey games.

The Multan Cricket Stadium is one of the most challenging stadiums in international cricket. It hosts Test matches and ODIs, with a pitch that favors seam bowlers. Floodlights were installed within the venue to allow for day or night playtime based on a preference from teams.

  • Arbab Niaz Stadium Peshawar

The Arbab Niaz Stadium is the home ground for Peshawar Zalmi. Twenty thousand people can come to watch their favorite teams play here, and it was originally named Shahi Bagh Stadium due to its close proximity to Shahi Bagh.

The Arbab Niaz Stadium has been a great venue for ODIs because of its pitches, perfect for the spinners.

  • Bugti Stadium Quetta

The Bugti Stadium is a small stadium that can seat up to 10,000 people. The Quetta Gladiators call this their home, and it's been around since 1954 when the first match was played here. ODIs previously hosted the stadium, and its pitch performs well for batsmen.

  • Iqbal Stadium Faisalabad

The Iqbal Stadium is a famous sports venue in Faisalabad, Pakistan. The stadium was built just a few kilometers from the city center, which means that residents can easily access it by walking or taking public transportation. 

When the Iqbal Stadium was first built, it had a seating capacity of 18,000 people. But then, many renovations and expansions have been made to make sure that all Faisalabad residents can enjoy this venue.

History records that the Iqbal Stadium has a perfect pitch for batting. Several Test matches and ODIs were played here, most notably in 1996 when it hosted its first quarter-final match of The World Cup.

  • Jinnah Stadium Sialkot

The Jinnah Stadium in Sialkot has a seating capacity of 18,000. The Jinnah Stadium in Sialkot has been a historic venue for many years. It was built by the British around 1920, and it was originally called Connelly Park. After it was renamed Jinnah Park in 1950, its name was further modified in 1979. 

Sialkot’s Jinnah Stadium is the perfect ground for fast bowlers. This stadium’s green top pitches are notorious for aiding any bowler with their speed, and it's not surprising that many great Pakistani Spinners have gotten assistance from these surfaces here. 

  • Niaz Stadium Hyderabad

Niaz Stadium was built in 1959 and has 15,000 seats for cricket fans. The stadium has hosted both ODIs and Test matches. Bowlers from all over would love to come to play here because of its batting-friendly pitches. 

  • Jinnah Stadium Gujranwala

The Jinnah Stadium in Gujranwala was originally built to hold 20,000 people. This is where the first-ever Test match took place and has been the host for many more since then. It was constructed by the city’s former mayor, Alhaj Muhammad Aslam Butt.

The stadium is the perfect venue for an ODI match. It's located on Sialkot Road, which connects it to Jinnah Road and many other major roads.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) plans on renovating several more for upcoming PSL matches, with upgrades most likely happening at Niaz Stadiums in Hyderabad and Peshawar's Arbab Niaz Stadium.