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When you use the services of to buy, sell, rent or even connect to a real estate pro, we know that you are trusting us with your data. We are also completely responsible to protect your information and the way we process your personal data that you provide to us.

On this page, we aim to explain everything that you need to know about your privacy at Below you can find our policy to know what information we collect and how we process your data.

Who Processes Your Data

Your personal data includes your name, address, phone number, and any other detail that you have provided will be processed by us and any other company within our group. Each of these companies is authorized to use your data in accordance with our privacy policy practices.

Why Processing Your Information

The purpose of processing your information is to fulfil the orders that you place at With your provided information, we can inform you about the special offers and provide you with other marketing information that might be helpful to you. Therefore, we process your information for the following purposes:

  • To complete your transactions
  • To provide and improve our services
  • To communicate and connect you with others
  • To personalize your experience
Protecting Your Information

No matter how we collect your data, we have a responsibility to protect it. That’s why we do not transfer your personal information to any third party purchaser unless the concerned party undertakes to use your data for the same purposes as mentioned in this privacy policy. Your provided information will only be disclosed to the government or other concerned local institutions and authorities save as required by law.


When you use, we and our partners use cookies to gather information about how you use our services. The use of cookies helps us to understand what kind of services you are interested in and how we can provide you with a consistent experience every time you visit

In particular, we use cookies to:

  • Provide users with personalized features such as automatically logging in to your personalized homepage.
  • To ensure our products are working efficiently by diagnosing and correcting bugs and errors.
  • To collect and process the information on user preferences.
  • To make sure authentic persons are attempting to log on.
  • To improve the Q&A platform.
  • To store your information that you may want to retrieve on regular visits.
  • To support apps integration.
  • To see which ads you click.
  • To measure the effectiveness of ads and campaigns.
  • To monitor site traffic.
  • To collect click data for service optimization.

You may block our cookies by changing your browser settings or contacting your ISP. But doing so, you might not get certain services from this website.

Cookies and their use may change over time and for that reason, will make the possible efforts to notify you by updating this cookie policy. Please note that we and our housing project clients may use cookies or other tools to know more about the user’s interest in their products and services.

Security Measures

We have also taken security measures to protect the personal information that you have provided to us. We have built security into our products and services to help protect data from improper use, unauthorized access, disclosure, destruction, and alteration.

Access to Information

If you want to know about your information that we have on, ask us and we will provide you with a copy of your personal data by email. Before sending you any information we hold the right to ask you to prove your identity and refuse to provide you with information if you fail to establish your identity.


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Disclaimer of Warranty And Liability

Here are the following provisions that are not allowed by the laws of certain jurisdictions. Therefore, the below provisions are to read as limiting so as to satisfy such laws.

  • We do not guarantee that the information provided on the website is accurate, complete or latest.
  • We hold no liability with respect on how you use such information.
  • The provided information is not written for individual requirements. So, you are responsible for how you will satisfy yourself prior to ordering any product or service from us.
  • We did our best to exclude viruses from our website, we are still not in a position to ensure such exclusion. Thus, it is advisable to take all the appropriate actions before downloading anything from this website.
  • All warranties are hereby excluded.
  • Neither us nor any of our employees will be responsible for any kind of damage such as loss of profits, compensatory or incidental damages even if we have been advised of the possibility of such loss.
  • We have no liability for the indirect or indirect damage caused by linking to any other website from this website.
For Further Inquiries

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