10 Simple Ways to Sell Your Home Fast

By selling your home faster, you get to move on to the next phase of your plan sooner.

It also means that you don’t have to go through the hassle of meeting your property dealers and complete strangers every other day.

But selling your house isn’t as easy as you’d think it is.

Ways to Sell Your Home Fast

Anyone that has sold houses will tell you that these things take time. But, there are certain things that you can do that will help aid in selling your home faster.

Here are ten simple things that will improve the chances of selling your home fast:

1. Take Good Pictures

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I cannot stress this enough; presentation is everything. A person only buys things that look appealing to their eyes, it's marketing 101. According to a recent survey, 38% of serious buyers start their search online. And 80% of those individuals respond to those ads because of the pictures.

You cannot ignore the influence of the World Wide Web in today’s market. It is your first frontier to sell your house as quickly as possible. So use a professional camera, make sure the lighting is ideal, and, if possible, get a professional to do it.

2. Keep Things Neat and Tidy

Nothing turns down a buyer more than a dirty house. People will often see things for what they look like, rather than what they can be. A clean house will help the person use his/her imagination better. A dirty house can drive away many potential buyers.

Dust build-up also signals a hint of neglect. A clean house indicates that you have maintained your house well over the years. People prefer maintained houses as then they have to spend less money fixing the place up after buying it.

This also means that you might have to consider repainting your walls and getting your floors polished. Like I said before, presentation is everything.

3. Ask the Right Price

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Time is your biggest enemy when it comes to selling your house. If you ask a hefty price at the start, then you may lose so many potential buyers. Home sellers often make this mistake in trying to cash in big.

But, one should do his/her research. After which you can decide the asking price based on current demands, area, and type of construction.

Often, selling your house just below the market price can also go in your favor as it attracts more buyers, which often results in bidding wars. You may find yourself earning more than the market price itself.

4. Give Small Incentives

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Often, people sell their old furniture separately from their house. But, this furniture and your home accessories can also help you sell your home faster. These things may not help you earn much, as second-hand things usually go for next to nothing in Pakistan.

But by providing that couch or that flat-screen TV with your house can certainly improve your chances of making a sale faster. Remember to think like a buyer while making these decisions. 

5. Team up With Professionals

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Everyone needs help; go to all your local dealers. Post adverts on all the websites you can find. Provide adequate details and good pictures to your property dealers and the websites.

Provide them with incentives such as better pay off or furniture for the buyer. Teaming up with professionals will help you sell your home faster.

6. Be Available and Friendly

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This is often a major problem if you are unable to show your listings. Then you are never going to sell your house now, are you? If you are serious about selling your home faster, then make it easier for your buyers to tour your home.

Often, potential buyers will ask for a few tours every now and then. You and your property dealer must be available throughout. Your lack of availability will be your opportunity cost.

7. Use Google Listings

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The online selling trend is relatively new in Pakistan. But you cannot deny how effective it is in helping you achieve your goals. According to a recent survey, most buyers always Google properties for sale, so by using Google listings.

Your property's name could be the first thing all buyers first see. It is also a very cost-effective form of marketing your house for sale.

8. Timing Your Sale is ImportantImage result for timing"

The political atmosphere of our country is quite volatile. Hence, there are unpredictable hot and cold periods in the property market. However, if things are running smoothly, then certain periods are proven to be more effective in selling a house than others.

Such as during the spring and summer, more houses are sold, the reason being that families have vacations during this period and can better cope with adjusting to a new environment.

Often, the government introduces a new law or scheme that provides a boost to property sales, and often, it’s the other way around. So be politically aware of your surroundings. Timing your sale can have a major effect on your property value.

9. Let the Lights Shine

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Before a potential buyer makes his/her way to your home, go to your home first and open all the curtains, turn on all the lights. Strategically place lamps or other sources of light in rooms that lack natural sunlight.

So that it accents the place and makes it look as appealing as possible. People are naturally attracted to brighter environments, and it allows the buyers to appreciate your home.

10. Spread the Word

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Let everyone know your house is up for sale. Tell your neighbors, your friends, colleagues, just everyone that you know. Nobody would ignore the chance to earn a hefty commission now, would they? These people are often the most likely ones to find you a suitable buyer.

You should also list your home in your local newspaper. Check up on your property dealer often; try to befriend him to fasten the process. Use social media websites and all available outlets that are feasible to spread the word.