Unique and Elegant Ceiling Design for Your House

The evolution in trends has been observed in construction whether it is for living or working. Previously, more attention was given to the walls and other decorations. But now emerging trends include fancy ceilings as well.

Recent trends in ceiling-designs have made people give a deep thought on choosing the right kind of ceiling for their houses and offices. 

People who buy or build houses give extra importance to the ceiling now due to many reasons. The first and foremost reason is to add aesthetic and beauty to the look of the house or an office. 

It is the ceiling of your house that gives the impression of openness and bigger space which is essential for a house’s architectural benefit.

1. Trending Ceiling Designs

An overhead surface of a room that covers the upper limits is called a ceiling. There are several types of ceilings that you can choose for your room to make it look stunning and beautiful. 

Following are the different types of ceilings that are popular in Pakistan.

1.1. False or Dropped Ceiling

Dropped or false ceiling is the secondary ceiling hung below your main ceiling of the room. 

A dropped ceiling is also known as a false, T-bar, or suspended ceiling and is a symbol of modern architecture and construction. 

Not long ago these ceilings were constructed to hide and conceal ducts, wiring, and plumbing. But now, these simple ceilings do wonders for your room. If made properly and finely, these ceilings give a transformed and alluring look to the room.

This emerging trend in Pakistan has made builders introduce beautiful and creative patterns, finishing, and textures in the false ceiling that provides a large variety of people to choose their desired ceiling design. 

You can use any dropped ceiling design like textures or smooth fiber panels, plaster look or fine sand, geometric, and many other designs. The only thing to keep in mind while installing this ceiling is to be aware of the size of your room. 

The false ceiling is the most common ceiling type in Pakistan. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of the false ceiling. 


  • This type of ceiling is easy to install but if you do not have a know-how of the equipment and tools, do not try to install the ceiling yourself or try to ‘DIY’. 
  • Fun fact, false ceilings are used in noise reduction. Their ability to absorb sounds and noises works great in reducing and controlling sounds.
  • Because of their ability to easily get removed and repaired it is effortless to deal with them. 
  • These ceilings hide and conceal wires, ducts, and pipes which gives the room a fine look.


  • Because these ceilings are hung on the main ceiling, they reduce the room’s height and make it a bit congested. It is suggested to design false ceilings for small rooms very wisely and professionally. 
  • At times of earthquakes, these ceilings are not very strong like the conventional ones.

1.2. Beam Ceiling

For type of ceiling design, the joints and beams are exposed and openly installed as your roof. The beam ceilings add an interesting feature to your room.

Usually, this ceiling type is made of timber but other material or combination of materials can be used to make this type of ceiling. According to your desire, you can give the ceiling a wooden look or can just go with the simple paint. Other decorations can be attached to this ceiling making it even prettier. 

There are generally two types of beam ceiling; hammer-beam and boxed beam. Like other ceiling types, it has some advantages and disadvantages.


  • Gives a dramatic and unique look to the room. 
  • Increases the resale value of the house. 
  • This ceiling is lightweight.
  • Available in many textures.
  • Other decorations and lights can be installed easily in this ceiling type. 


  • Because of the height, the intimacy is usually missing in the room with this kind of ceiling.
  • It provides less insulation which means that the cooling and heating cost will be great. 
  • They are usually expensive and costly.

1.3. Painted Ceiling

Ceilings that are painted in plain colors especially white is considered monotonous to some people. You can always choose the color of your choice for the ceilings to give your room a brighter look. Some people prefer going with neutral shades while others like bright and vibrant colors to stare at night. 

If you want to add warmth and intimacy to your room go with soft color shades.


  • It is extremely affordable and cheap.
  • It can be easily painted anytime and doesn’t require labor. 
  • Make your room look bigger and open. 
  • To make it a bit dramatic you can make colorful patterns and other embellishments. 


  • In Pakistan, whether conditions differ from time to time. In monsoon season the paint chips off the wall making the room look extremely unattractive and hideous. 
  • Deciding the right color for your ceiling is a professional’s call. Not everyone can decide what color will complement the room.

1.4. Cathedral Ceiling

A cathedral ceiling is the one that has a peak in the middle of the room with the slopes on each side of the peak. These slopes totally match the pitch of the roofline. 

Cathedral ceilings give space and an image of openness to the room. Vaulted or cathedral ceilings go with a house that has a single story. 


  • Make your ceiling of the room appear bigger and broader.
  • The structured and soft-colored cathedral ceiling gives more light to the room.  


  • Because of the height of the ceiling, it is not easy to paint them or fix lights. 
  • It cannot or are difficult to create in already built houses.

1.5. Well-lit Ceiling

If you are gifted with a unique shaped roof, what you can do is play with the lighting to make it even more interesting. Fix different kinds of lighting fixtures into your ceiling and make your room lit. 

And if your roof is solid white or off white color, installing lights would be the best thing to do with your room. If you are budget conscious and or short of money then adding lights in the ceiling can be best to give aesthetics to the room. 

Putting pointers with warm yellow lights will perfect for your room.


  • A large variety of lights are available. From tube lights to LED’s you can choose anything to make your room look brighter and beautiful. 
  • You can always go innovative with your lights. Put them separately, or in clusters. 


  • A small room usually gets heated up if a room has too many lights. Though LEDs or not they still heat up your room and it is a big put off in summers.
  • Ceilings usually get damaged when lights are being installed.

1.6. Tray Ceiling

Tray ceilings or inverted ceilings are a design of the ceiling in which the central section is a bit higher than the areas around the main ceiling of the room. In this design, the use of colors and light can be done creatively. 

Many people play with lighting by hiding them in the tray of the perimeter and or by adding dimmers. Tray ceilings go everywhere in the house like kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and even in drawing-rooms. 

It was commonly used a few years back but the trend of tray ceilings is now fading and deteriorating. People who build their houses prefer modern and advanced looking ceilings. 


  • A tray ceiling is a decent decoration that can be done in a room. 
  • It creates and gives height to the room as the center of the ceiling is higher. 


  • The tray ceiling doesn’t provide too many options and designs to choose from.  
  • Tray ceilings generally require more construction material and space.

1.7. Coffered Ceiling

Coffered ceilings are a series of boxed beam around the sunken panels. The shapes that these ceilings usually have are squares, octagons, and rectangles. These types of ceilings are considered to the most dramatic and decorative type of ceiling treatment. 

There are 4 types of Coffered Ceilings:

1. Traditional Coffered Ceilings

 2. Rustic Coffered Ceilings

3. Geometric Coffered Ceilings

4. Contemporary Coffered Ceilings 


  • Coffered ceilings provide illusion of space.
  • These ceilings are good at absorbing sounds
  • Provide aesthetics to a room.
  • It gives a sense of structure to your place.
  • Adds value to your house
  • These ceilings cover other ceilings’ flaws. 


  • Coffered ceilings only work with high ceilings
  • Not very easy to maintain
  • Not so friendly in all weather types

2. Importance of Investing in Ceilings in Pakistan

It might not be obvious but there are a lot of reasons that suggest how important it is to spend wisely in selecting the ceiling design of your place. 

  • It hides the minor flaws and glitches in the room.
  • It also controls odor.
  • Adds more color and aesthetics to a boring room.
  • If the room is dark, you can lighten up by using the right kind of ceiling. 
  • Adds more depth, warmth, and intimacy to a room.

2.1. Maintain Your Ceilings

Just like every other thing in the house, the ceiling needs repair and maintenance as well. From time to time check if the plumbing fittings are working correctly and are not leaking. Also in Pakistan, the weather allows molds and fungus to sit in ceilings which can be really unattractive and risky. 

Whenever you need treatment for your ceiling, always contact the professionals and experts. 

When cleaning ceilings and walls make sure you do it right and properly. Not all ceilings allow you to wash them with water, you just need a clean cloth and a broom to clean them up. 

If ceilings are deeply cleansed and maintained properly, the resale value of your house increases which is a jackpot.Looking for more interesting tips to decorate your house? Head on to Gharbaar blog to get some unique ideas that will help you build your dream house.