5 Essential DIY Crafts Easy On Your Pocket And Beautiful In Your Home

It’s 2020; and as the world enters into a new decade, a lot of people are turning over new leaves.

Some people focus their goals on themselves while others focus them on their surroundings. And if you have chosen to do the latter then you are in the right place.

Whether you have moved into a new home or are thinking of beautifying your current living space; it doesn’t matter because we have compiled the top 5 DIY crafts you will need to liven up any living space and make it feel more homey.

And if you’re worried about the money; don’t be. All of the tips we are about to tell you are DIY crafts which will cost you a bare minimum amount. Much less that you would have to spend if you were going to a store and purchasing a brand new item off the shelf.

In this post we will cover almost every essential piece of furniture you may have and how you can use nifty DIY crafts to breathe new life into them.

1. Your Old Chest Of Drawers

If you have an old chest of drawers which has clearly seen better days and you are considering throwing it out; it’s better if you stop right there. There is a chance to revive that piece of furniture and no, I do not mean to give it a new coat of paint or polish it once again. What you can do is get some wallpaper and cut it to the dimensions of your chest of drawers.

 Make sure you take off the handles before you do this so you can get the wallpaper to stick to every surface of the chest of drawers. If you try to stick the wallpaper on without taking off the handles, it might give a very unfinished and sloppy look and we do not want that!

You can go to your local market to acquire the wallpaper, make sure you take your drawer chest’s measurements so you know just how much wallpaper to get. It’s up to your if you want to cover all the sides of the chest of drawers or just the front. But whatever you choose; it’ll be amazing. Not only will it give your old piece of furniture a new look but also add a spark of personality to the room you place it in!

2. A Side Table of Books

This one requires a little know-how of how to use a drill or you can hire a handyman for help. If you have a lot of hardcover books lying around which are all of a similar size; this DIY craft will work beautifully for you.

 If not; don’t worry! You just need to visit a second hand bookstore and buy some books for yourself. Just make sure that the books are hardback, in fairly good condition and of the same size. The number of books you use depends on you; stack the books on one another and see what height suits your side table needs.

Once you have all the books, place them on one another, and mark the center of the books where you can drill a hole into it and skewer a rod through. Use a drill to drill holes through the middle of the books, once all of them have been drilled then skewer the rod through the books and have a professional weld a metal plate to the top and bottom to hold the books in place. Once the structure is stable, you can place a piece of cut glass on top of it and use it as a side table!

3. Simple Wooden Plank Shelf

This is a simple hack on how to make your own shelf in the least amount of money possible. And the best part is that you don’t even need extensive carpentry skills for this easy DIY craft. All you need is a few wooden planks of the same size. Make sure you have them sanded and polished for a smooth look.

Get some wall brackets from your local hardware store and now all you need to do is map out the shelf on the wall you have chosen to install it on. Mark the areas where you will drill in the brackets the wooden planks will rest on. Once you have installed the brackets, you can rest the wooden planks on top of that and voila, you have your own shelf!

4. Reupholster Your Sofas and Chairs

A quick way to give your home a completely new look is to simply reupholster your existing furniture! If you have cushions, get the measurements and purchase cloth in the texture and pattern you like and have new cushion covers sewn.

Get contrasting colors for the pillow covers for throw pillows you might have, and honestly, when the reupholstering is done; the entire room will take on new life! At times we don’t even realize how much we need a change and things like these are a good way to remind ourselves that change is good.

5. Make Your Own Coffee Table

A nice coffee table really sets the mood in your living room. And while there are dozens of beautiful designs on the market ready for pick up; wouldn’t it be better to have a coffee table that more accurately represented who you are? And was a labor of your hard work and love?

You can decide on the foundation of your coffee table according to your interest; if you like music consider purchasing old radios which were huge to support the tabletop, if you like art maybe scout some sturdy sculptures which could essentially support the weight of the coffee tabletop. Whatever you choose; make sure you get the best deal for it.

Your best bet is to go to flea markets and look around a few times before making a decision. Make sure you get two to three of the items of the same size for the base if you intend for the coffee tabletop to be bigger.

Now you need to purchase suction cups to attach to the top of the item you have bought for your coffee table’s base. You can either attach these with super glue or drill them in; depending on the item you have and what would be more suitable.

Once this is done, place a glass tabletop cut to a size which the structure can easily bare, make sure the suction cups are working so the tabletop is stable. And that’s it, you can now enjoy your own coffee table with your own personal flair.

Aren’t all of these tips easy and sound like a fun weekend project for you and the kids?

DIY crafts for your home improvements might sound daunting and something only professionals can do but that is not the case; you do not need to worry too much. Anyone with a basic understanding on tools can get the job done as well! All you need is a power drill and a will to let out your creativity.

If you are worried about not having time to do this; make it into a family activity! Ask your family to set a few hours aside for the project on a weekend. Not only will this be a great way to bond but it will yield fruitful results in the form of a beautiful home!

What DIY crafts would you be most interested in doing? Tell us in the comment section below!