A Complete Guide on Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

Pakistan needs more affordable houses. Not everyone in Pakistan has enough money to buy their own home. Houses are important because they can help people stay safe and not be homeless.

In some countries, they have been able to get rid of homelessness by doing certain things. For example, they did this in Finland. In the country, everyone has the right to a house. 

This includes people struggling with drugs and alcohol addiction. When they give them a home to live in, they do not have any reason to struggle with the problem anymore.

Many citizens in Finland started to contribute to society. They did this by treating people the same, no matter their social level or country. Their approach was successful because it helped people get affordable housing. Many people in Pakistan don't have homes and still struggle with homelessness.

The government of Pakistan wants to give more houses to people who can't afford them. The new house program is a good way for the people who need houses. 

PM Launches Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme 

This project will build five million new homes for people from lower and middle-income families. It is called the Imran Khan Housing Scheme or the Prime Minister Housing Scheme. The government will provide these homes, which are very popular with people from lower and middle-income families. 

Apply For Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

Naya Pakistan Housing Program is for people who can't afford to buy a house in today's market. People need to meet certain requirements to qualify in terms of total household income. 

National Database and Registration Authority's (NADRA) website has an application form. The applicants need to include how much money they make every month. It should be in the range below:

  • Less than PKR 20,000
  • Between PKR 40,001 and 60,000
  • Between PKR 60,001 and PKR 100,000
  • Between PKR 20,001 and PKR 40,000
  • More than PKR 100,000

Eligibility Criteria For The Housing Scheme 

To be eligible for the Naya Pakistan Scheme, you can only apply after submitting PKR 250. Below is the eligibility criteria for NPHP:

  • Only one person from each family can apply (husband/wife)
  • The registration fee is PKR 250, which should submit with the form.
  • People who don't have their own property in Pakistan will be given preference.
  • People with a monthly income of PKR 10,000 – PKR 25,000 will prefer.

In Naya Pakistan Housing project, they build houses in three categories. These are:

  • Labour class
  • Lower middle class
  • Middle class

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Payment Plans

Banks provide loans for your home so that you can pay them off in 20 years. If you are applying for this affordable housing project, you need to pay 20% of the amount at the start. The bank will provide 80% of the payment while you will have to pay 10% more. The government plans to keep prices low for this group by using a rent equalization model. 

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Details 

The government has made a new authority called the Naya Pakistan Housing Authority. The government is going to build 135,000 houses in the country. The Prime Minister of Pakistan will start with 25,000 houses in Islamabad. Then he will do 110,000 more in Balochistan.

Naya Pakistan Housing program started with 6000 houses. These houses will be built by private companies, but the Pakistan government will help provide land and remove any problems that might happen with this project.

Details On The Pilot Project 

The private sector and the Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation work together on a project. The government will build homes under the Naya Pakistan Housing Project. Private firms will build units for this project.

A Chinese firm has shown they will build two million houses. This is good news because the government has made it mandatory for companies to use only locally produced material and hire local workers.

Cities That are Included in Naya Pakistan Housing Project

The housing program in Naya Pakistan has chosen these districts:

  • Quetta
  • Muzaffarabad
  • Swat
  • Sukkur
  • Islamabad
  • Faisalabad

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme is a project to help people in Layyah, Quaidabad (Khushab), and Bhakkar. The process for getting an application will start soon. It was announced in the governing body for Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA) meeting. The Minister for Housing wants to make arrangements for starting this low-cost housing program.

The committee in Lahore met and decided which sites to use for a new housing project. The committee will make a report after they visit some sites for the project. The minister also said that the PHATA governing body would meet every 15 days to help get work done on Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. 

Converting Slums Into Towering High-Rises 

While launching this project to build affordable housing, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the plan turns slums into high-rises. This will be done using a revolutionary new construction mechanism that the Chinese invented.

PM Khan said that 40% of Karachi's population lives in slums. They hope to build high-rise buildings and turn slums into buildings quickly.

The Capital Development Authority has given land to build homes in Islamabad’s Mauve Area. They also gave 508 Kanals of land to the Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation for their Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme near Askari-VI, Islamabad.

You get all the information on Apna Ghar Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. There are plans to launch it in Phase 3 soon. If you want to live in the best cities in Pakistan, you should look at Islamabad, Gwadar, Karachi, Lahore, and Peshawar.