All About The Upcoming Mega Project - Bahria Town Peshawar

The city of flowers, Peshawar will now see the most awaited development in the real estate sector. After the success of Bahria town Karachi, the higher management of Bahria town announced to expand the flagship of a residential scheme to other cities of Pakistan including Nawabshah, Hyderabad, Sukkur and now in Peshawar. 

Malik Riaz, CEO of the largest private real estate sector in Asia has made a public announcement that the upcoming mega project will be completed in only three years of the time period. This project incorporates over 100,000 Kanal of land space and 200,000 plots which also includes small and big size houses. Malik Riaz has also mentioned that 24 hours of work is being done on this project and it will start in January 2020. 

The project was previously set to be announced in 2016 but due to some legal issues, it got delayed. After a long wait by the Peshawar residents, things now seem smooth and brighter for this promising project. It is assumed that the project will be the next big thing in Peshawar after the launch of DHA and the biggest real estate project of Pakistan, Bahria Town Karachi. 

Considering the importance and its impact on the real estate sector of Pakistan, here we have compiled a list of all the details about this project and the answer of a most important question, ‘Is Bahria town Peshawar a good opportunity to invest?

Let’s get into the details of what actually Bahria town Peshawar is and what it has to offer the local residents of Peshawar. 

1. Overview Of Bahria Town Peshawar

The capital of KPK has seen some major developments in the real estate and construction sector from the last few years, not to forget the recent developments in DHA Peshawar. In November 2019, the CEO of Bahria Town, Malik Riaz himself tweeted and announced the launch date of the much-awaited project, Bahria Town Peshawar.

The project started making headlines after the announcement which was not surprising at all since Bahria Town is known for reshaping the landscapes. Other than that, Bahria Town Peshawar is a remarkable addition in the KPK and it is assumed that this project will boost the overall world-class lifestyle. 

1.1. Bahria Town Peshawar Launch Date

The management of Bahria town Peshawar has not officially announced the exact date for the launch. However, the CEO, Malik Riaz took to Twitter and hinted that the project will be going to launch in January 2020.

1.2. Bahria Town Peshawar Location

It is expected that the land of Charsadda road near to the northern bypass and M2-Expressway is going to be used for the development of this project. However, the exact location for this highly anticipated project is not yet officially revealed and there is no definitive information available about the exact location. 

However, it is expected that the project will be built at the above-mentioned location. This feasible location is quite significant due to the easy access from all areas of the nearby cities. 

Peshawar is, in fact, one of the most promising cultural as well as commercial hubs of Pakistan. And with the addition of this housing project in the midst, it will surely reflect a modern and up-scale image of this city. Taking into account the location of Bahria town Peshawar, the housing society is more likely to become synonymous with its accessibility.

1.3. Bahria Town Peshawar Booking Forms

This amazing mega project is all set to launch at the beginning of 2020 and it is expected that the Bahria town management will soon make the booking forms available for all the investors. The booking for the commercial and residential plots will start soon when the project will officially launch. 

Currently, the registration of interested property firms are taking place from all across Pakistan. Once the process gets completed, registration of members will start in January 2020. After the registration process, advertisement campaigns will initiate across the country and then the booking forms will be available for residential and commercial plots and possibly for apartments and villas as well. 

1.4. Bahria Town Peshawar Payment Plan

It is expected that the payment plan will release when the project will officially launch. The higher management will also make an announcement of the plot prices during that time. The file scale and purchase kick-off will also start after the official launch and balloting. 

Bahria town Peshawar will offer different sizes for residential and commercial plots, apartments and luxury villas on the installment plan of 3 to 4 years. The initial booking price is expected to be 10% of the total price so that maximum people can easily avail this opportunity. 

2. Salient Features of Bahria Town Peshawar

The planning of the project and the trust that is associated with the name of Bahria town makes the upcoming project worth waiting for. All the previous well-executed projects of Bahria town reflect the modern and top-class communities featuring luxurious living for its residents. The upcoming project will not only bring positive changes in the living of people but also add to the magnificence of the capital city of KPK, Peshawar. The perfect combination of classic infrastructure and architecture is what makes this project an amazing investment opportunity for investors. 

With this project, the society will be integrated with the best features any top-class residential project has to offer. Top of the line features are Health facilities, educational institutes, best infrastructure, shopping areas, markets, cinemas, beautiful landscapes throughout the society, parks, lakes, playgrounds, and jogging tracks and much more is expected in the venture. 

Some of the other distinctive features are described below. 

2.1. Home Insurance

Bahria town is the only housing society in Pakistan that provides home insurance to its residents. In case of theft or fire, they provide full protection. Bahria town has partnered with the most reliable insurance companies to provide top-notch services to its citizens.

2.2. Corporate Values

Bahria town management believes in taking full responsibility for their residents, investors, and team. The main objective of the housing project is to obey all the highest moral as well as ethical practices and the overall environment of the society.

2.3. Healthy Community

Bahria town is not only famous for its infrastructure, but also for the well-being of its citizens and their health. It also focuses on organizing medical camps regularly in all its areas to provide advance medical treatments to the residents. The medical camps provide the following treatments: 

  • Vaccinations for infectious diseases
  • Provide free of cost and low rates on the Medicines
  • Awareness campaigns and programs
  • Health facilities all day and all night
  • 24/7 Ambulance Service

2.4. Other Features

  • Educational Facilities
  • Well-reputable Schools
  • College & Universities
  • Parks, lakes and green areas
  • Sports club
  • Health and Fitness centers
  • Entertainment facilities
  • Extra-curricular facilities
  • Internal transport system
  • Commercial facilities 
  • Eco-friendly Environment
  • Sustainable Environment
  • Graceful Lifestyle
  • State Civic amenities
  • Security and Patrols
  • Uniform law and order
  • Private Security
  • E-tag System
  • Clean and maintained infrastructure
  • Dependable utility supplies
  • Empowering people
  • Maintenance and Support department
  • Variety of plot options
  • Luxurious Villas, apartments 

3. Bahria Town Peshawar Investment

All the projects of Bahria town are a great opportunity for investment especially for applicants who win the plot allotment after balloting. If you want to invest in Bahria town Peshawar, 5 and 10 marla residential plots are the most suitable entities. 

The location of the housing scheme has a huge impact on the project’s investment potential. Unfortunately, the location details are not yet confirmed. But the trademark facilities of Bahria town have always enabled the investors to earn good profit and it is expected that the upcoming housing project of Peshawar will follow the same footsteps. 

3.1. Why Invest In Bahria Town Peshawar

Looking at the previous projects of Bahria Town, we can conclude that investing in Bahria town Peshawar is not only safe but also highly demanded. After the announcement, investors are anxiously waiting for the booking phase to start. Expectations are high and it is assumed that the project will see a huge success due to various reasons such as the secure investment, feasible location, high-end amenities, and lowest rates the project has to offer. 

Bahria town aims to develop a community where the development work is to be accomplished using the art technology and modern methods. There is something available to pique the interest of every individual of the society. 

The city has seen an increase in the population rate and to effectively accommodate the need for residences and promising living opportunities, for that, Bahria town Peshawar is a perfect option. The investment in this project is guaranteed to see a maximum return in a short period of time. 

Bahria town is no doubt a trendsetter in the real estate sector of Pakistan and has revolutionized the living standards. Innovation, modern and speedy development will definitely ensure heavy profits. 

Bahria Town Peshawar is a lifetime opportunity, not only it is a guaranteed success but the provided features and facilities will be unparalleled. The project will surely provide a great living as well as commercial options for potential investors. This mega project is all set to launch very soon and it is advisable to invest in this housing scheme as soon as possible to avail maximum benefits. 

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