All You Need to Know About the Paradise Water Park

Water parks are fun in the summer. The water is cold and refreshing! 

There are many water parks in Karachi, but Paradise Island Water Park is one-of-a-kind with water sports, plunging slides, a relaxing wave pool, and the first-ever aqua disc. Read this blog further to learn more about Paradise Island Water Park so you know what to do when you visit it this summer season.

Paradise Island Water Park Features 

This park is a great spot to have fun in the sun. It does not have inclement weather. It has a variety of entertainment options for its visitors. These include: 

  • Thrilling water slides
  • Hurricane wave pool
  • Fun-filled rain dance experience
  • Birthday/wedding events
  • School picnics and corporate events

Paradise Island has many such features, so let's talk about them.

Thrilling Water Slides 

If you want to go on a picnic with your family, consider visiting Paradise Island, Water Park. It offers something for every member of the family. There are 22 thrilling water slides.

There are 8 water slides for kids. They are a lot of fun. After, you can go to the hurricane wave pool. It is popular with everyone!

Hurricane Wave Pool 

If you don't want to go in the water at the beach because it is dirty, then go to the Hurricane Wave Pool. It has waves that are little and they look like they are swimming in the sea.

The best part is that you don't have to be a good swimmer. The Wave Pool has a depth that is the same for everyone. Young kids and adults can have fun in the waves together.

Fun-filled Rain Dance Experience

Paradise Island Water Park is one of the best places to have any event or celebration. There is a water disc in the middle which no other park has and it's the first-ever.

A disc is a party machine. You can walk inside it and dance to the music. It has lights to make the music sound better. The disc is well-equipped so you can have a musical event for any occasion - even if your family and friends come too!

Birthday/Wedding Events

Paradise Water Park is a theme park. It also hosts large events like weddings and birthday parties. You can have lots of people at one time. This is good for events that involve the whole family, or if you plan on having many guests at your event.

Paradise Water Park is one of the best places to have a wedding. People can go on rides, eat food, and celebrate. However, beware that no alcoholic beverages are allowed in the park. 

School Picnics and Corporate Events 

The best part about Paradise Water Park is that it offers special discounts for students. Schools can book trips in advance, and the water park will be reserved just for them. A van can be hired to take you to the picnic spot.

For corporate events, there is a special discount offer for you. You can also have an official picnic or annual dinner at the water park. Make sure to book your slot before and do the rain checks, so that you don't have any problems. 

Check out the prices and times of Paradise Island Water Park. If you book it for an event or for a whole day, the prices will be different and can be negotiated with them.

Ticket Prices and Booking Schedule of Paradise Island Water Park 

The opening hours and ticket prices of the Paradise Island Water Park are:

  • Monday – Friday 10 AM to 5 PM
  • Sunday is a family day
  • The Paradise Water Park ticket price 2021 for children and adults is PKR 800
  • Entry ticket is absolutely free for children below 2 years

Park was closed due to the covid-19 pandemic for some time. On June 8, the water park reopened with guidelines for visitors in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. Visitors must wear a mask and stay away from others when they are in the water park area.

Location of the Park 

Paradise Island is a water park that can be found by driving to Gharo and then turning left on the main road. It is 3 kilometers from the town and 1 hour and 20 minutes away from Gulshan-e-Maymar.

If you want to know more about booking the Paradise Island Water Park for a birthday party or a corporate event, go to their head office on Shaheed-e-Millat Road.