An Overview of the Green Line Metrobus Karachi

Karachi is a big city in Pakistan. People go there every day to find work. The biggest thing that Karachi doesn't have is a way for people to move around the city without cars. 

Recently, the authorities started something called the Karachi Circular Railway which only goes on one route and it does not help many people in a megalopolis like Karachi.

The city is in need of an efficient transportation project. It needs to be like the Lahore or Islamabad Metro bus system. The federal and provincial authorities have announced five metro bus routes for Karachi's public transport in recent years. They are called Green Line bus service, Blue Line, Red Line, Yellow Line, and Orange Line.

This project has five routes. The total length of 113 kilometers. This is the "Trans Karachi Breeze" project. These are the green and orange lines. These projects have already begun.

GreenLine Bus Rapid Transit is a government project. It is the largest of all the other bus routes in Karachi. If you want to learn more about it, you have come to the right place. In this blog, we will discuss updates on Green Line BRT, Karachi.

Let’s begin!

Total Capacity and Length of Green Line BRT, Karachi 

It is expected that after it is finished, this project will help 300,000 people every day. The construction on this project started in 2016 by the Karachi Infrastructural development Company (KIDC) and it has not been finished yet.

GreenLine BRT will be 26 kilometers long. The line goes from Merewether Tower in the middle of the city all the way up to Surjani Town in northern Karachi. Along the line, it connects with other proposed routes of the Trans Karachi Breeze project at different points.

Funding of Green Line Metrobus in Karachi

Due to the fact that it is a large project about public transport in Karachi, Green Line BRT needs money. A lot of money. It will be financed by the government of Pakistan, partially.

The people in charge are using other public and private resources to find the money they need for this project. The local authorities have also asked the World Bank to help with the third phase of development of the Green Line BRT Karachi.

Infrastructural Development of the Green Line Metrobus, Karachi

It is possible to develop a project for the Karachi Metrobus, which goes many kilometers across different parts of the city, in stages. So, work on the Green Line BRTS Karachi has also been done in stages since its launch.

Currently, work is happening on two parts of the Green Line. The work is not finished yet because there were delays. The delays were caused by changes in the design and what might happen to the infrastructure.

The project will also include the third phase, which will extend it from Taj Medical Complex to the Municipal Park. Work is successfully underway on the infrastructure of the Green Line Bus and a 17.8 kilometers long corridor is under construction.

The route of Karachi Metrobus, which is going to be a new and modern public transportation system in Karachi, will include multiple flyovers and is almost finished. These construction activities make many roads and expressways get clogged on a regular basis.

Even when people take different roads, it is impossible for them to avoid traffic. A city like Karachi, which has a lot of squatter settlements and too many people living in it, runs into this problem when there are big transportation projects happening.

Once the Green Line is finished, it will be better for people in Karachi. It will help reduce traffic on the streets. The work on it has been going slowly for a few years, but people are still hopeful that it will happen one day soon.

Projected Route of the Green Line

The BRT is a transportation system. It starts at one point and ends at another point. A lot of flyovers help the bus get to its destination without getting any traffic delays.

The BRT will go on Nawab Ali Siddiqui Road, Business Recorder Road, Gurumandir, Numaish Chowrangi, and M.A. Jinnah Road. The entire route of the BRT has been planned for Green Line with stations to help people on the bus.

Latest Updates on Green Line BRT, Karachi

The date for the completion of the mega project has changed. This year the authorities want to launch a part of this project called the Green Line route, and they will do it during the latter half of 2021.

The Green Line bus should be going operational by August. A prototype bus will soon go on a test run. The Minister for Planning, Development and Special Initiatives announced this important news at Governor House on February 14, 2021.

The project is expected to be environmentally friendly. The metro buses that run on the Green Line will use biomethane, which can be extracted from cow manure.

The Prime minister and the federal government are taking a special interest in this project and have promised that its development will progress on the daily basis. The green line bus rapid transit includes at least 80 buses. 

These are the newest updates on the BRT line in Karachi. People in Karachi are looking forward to this new project because it will help with the traffic congestion.