Best Long Term Real Estate Investing Opportunities in 2020

Investment in real estate is Pakistan's top money earner; it always has been, and it always will be.

One of the most common practices by Pakistanis is buying a property when the rates are low and then holding on to it for a while.

And over time, as the value of the property increases, it is sold when the price is thought to be at its peak.

The reason for its popularity is simple; it is one of the safest investment options with low risk, you get complete ownership of the land, and it is an asset whose value is always increasing. And if you buy the right property, its value increases faster with time.

Real Estate Investing Opportunities for 2020

Buying property is relatively easier in Pakistan, with easy installment plans, loan options, and willing partners to co-buy with. All you need to do is find something that is feasible enough for you.

With so many options now available, we have compiled a few long term investments that will help you cash in big:

1. Faisal Residencia E-17:

The society came into existence back in 2016, and it is located in the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad. It has all the basic necessities of life, investors from all over the country have invested big in this society and fast, the reason why its value is quickly increasing every other month.

The development phase is fast underway, and possession is being handed to the owners. Because of its quick development and popularity Faisal Residencia E-17 is an ideal investment especially, if you are planning to live there.

2. Bahria Town:

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Bahria Town is one of the fastest-growing and spreading societies in Pakistan. It has been developed in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Bahawalpur, and many other major cities in Pakistan.

Its success is aided by the fact that people have trust in the society’s success, which is why the rates of housing and land are increasing every year.

Other than trust, its architecture is beautiful, and the facilities are second to none. The roads, sewers, and markets are well planned and developed. Schools, restaurants, entertainment, and all such facilities are also easily available.

You can buy a plot in a variety of different sizes. Investing in Bahria Town is sure to bring you a hefty profit in the long term.

3. Gulberg Islamabad:

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The society is found between Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It has major investors and is as beautiful as the city it resides in. The cost of living is lower, which means houses are easier to rent and sell.

There are a variety of shopping centers under construction nearby and with such a rapidly growing population. The value of plots in Gulberg Islamabad is expected to increase rapidly. In only a matter of years, society will be completely constructed. It is a good time to buy a plot here.

4. Lake City Lahore:

A society that is located far from the city. The society is promoted on the promise of luxury and peace. Lake City is a gated community with over 2400 acres of land. Many families are already residing there and enjoying a healthier lifestyle.

The society is on the verge of complete completion, and the property is relatively cheap for now.

5. Defence Housing Authority (DHA):

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Developed and regulated by the Pakistani army, DHA is a luxurious society, which is always the safest investment possible in Pakistan. Societies are being developed all over Pakistan all the time.

You just need to find a plot that is suitable to your finances. DHA will always earn you some cash. Even in the slow property seasons, things are still happening in DHA. There is currently no better place to be in Pakistan than DHA.

6. Royal Residencia:

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The society promises luxury, and it certainly delivers. You can find houses and plots for sale, and for now, they are available at reasonable rates.

You can find beautiful mosques, golf courses, polo clubs, parks and all such things here. The society offers you value for money, and people living there say it is very peaceful.

7. Fazaia Housing Scheme:

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Owned and developed by the Pakistan Air Force, and as soon as it was developed, it attracted investors from all over the country. It is safe to say that the same trend continues to grow.

The society is still developing but is near completion. There are a variety of commercial and resident plots up for grabs. It is safe to say that Fazia housing scheme is a good long term investment.

8. Askari Housing Scheme:

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Just like DHA, Askari Housing scheme is also regulated by the Pak Army. It offers a safe environment and is located in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, and might only be limited to these cities.

Other than houses, you can also buy a variety of different sized apartments as well. The society has all the necessities of life, and people are seen walking dogs even late at night, which speaks something about a safe environment.

9. Sukh Chayn Society:

It is a cheaper alternative to Bahria Town; the society contains housing and plots of all sizes. Sukh Chayn Society has its own water treatment plant and modern parks for a healthier lifestyle.

The value of the property has increased significantly in the last two years, and the trend will continue in 2020 as well.

10. DHA Raya:

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Located at a distance of 15mins from Ring Road and is right next to DHA phase 6. Defence Raya is built as a luxury estate with its own exclusive luxury country club, which is equipped with a cinema, gym, fine dining, hotel, and so much more.

The property there is still relatively cheap. If you are looking to buy and sell fast, then DHA Raya is right for you.

11. Gwadar:

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This is an absolute no brainer. With such hype and major investments being made in Gwadar it is important that you get a piece of the action. You can buy commercial and residential plots here.

But hurry as people are all quickly investing in Gwadar with hope of cashing in big.