Cool DIY Home Decor Ideas You Can Try

Having a roof to live underneath is a big blessing. But that roof is not just a mass of bricks and cement, it’s home!

And home is supposed to be beautiful and thriving. This brings me to the aesthetic aspect of our beloved home.

1. How Can You Make Your House “HOME”?

Since we all love our home, we like to pour our love in the form of decorating it. Some people decorate their place with plants, some with lights, some with furniture, or some people decorate it with art. Everyone has a different taste in the home aesthetic.

In fact, home decoration is more like an addiction, especially if you’re a person who pays attention to the details. Moreover, everyone seems to enjoy the freedom of choice when it comes to decorating their house.

However, I won’t deny that sometimes people struggle with creativity and innovation because you cannot afford to buy all the expensive and shiny materials to make your house look like a palace.

But, don’t worry, we got you. Catering to the problem of creativity and innovation, I have curated 7 cool DIY ideas for home decor so that you can find some major inspiration and make your home look prettier than it already is.

1.1. Mastering the Art of DIY Ideas

Home Decoration is the art and the science of using things in such a way to make the internal and external space attractive, functional, and useful for the residents. You can use various elements such as paint, poster colors, crafty material, or newspaper; to be honest, with DIYs, the sky is your limit.

The home accessories that can be used for this purpose are sofa sets, curtains, tablecloths, or wall hangings.

Now home décor can be done to give your home a modern touch, increase the value of your home, increase the space, energy efficiency of your home, manage the small space in a better manner, and raise the living standards.

1.2. Pros of Decorating Your Home Yourself

  • You can decorate your homes with your own creativity and freedom according to your own aesthetic sense. 
  • Utilization of waste; upcycle old pieces or, anything that can be converted as a home décor item and it will be the truest reflection of your own taste. However, read the first three words again and read it out loud; “WE NEED TO RECYCLE FOR OUR PLANET”.
  • Decorating your home can give a sense of freedom to choose the designs your family loves. In fact, only choosing the color of your choice lifts the mood up.
  •  Customization of the home design as per one’s requirement and taste gives comfort.

Now without wasting more time, let’s get to the point

2. DIY Ideas to Decorate Your Home

Everyone dreams of a beautifully decorated home. Following DIY home décor ideas will help in decorating your house and creating fantastic looks that are easy and affordable.

2.1. Wine Cork Necklace Rack

      A wine cork necklace can be used to decorate the home. A few spare wine corks can be used to attach to wood by hanging the pieces of jewelry and hanging it to the wall.

These corks can be colored according to the wall color, the color of the furniture, or the floor. This will look elegant and beautiful.

2.2. Chalkboard Wall Paint

Chalkboards add beauty and work like magic in changing the look of the room. Wherever the paint is rough or there is no paint at all, a chalkboard can be added which works great for kitchens and kids’ rooms.

These boards are magnetic and can be moved easily which increases the scope of creativity. 


2.3. Floating Bookshelves

Floating bookshelves add symmetry to the room. They also create an eye-catching illusion that looks fantastic.

The floating bookshelf can be created by your own books in such a way that one shelf contains a few books then the other is a few inches down to the first or can also be attached in a circular or triangular motion.

This also saves space because a bundle of books can be placed on the shelves and at the same time gives a decent and elegant look.

2.4. Gold Flower Pots

Different pots can be placed in the house with flowers in them. This will not only look beautiful but at the same time will people will be attracted by the fragrances.

These pots can be painted in any color of one’s choice or the same color as golden. These pots can be laced on the floor around any corner or can also be hung according to your own choice.


2.5. Personalized Handwritten Canvas

Handwritten canvases are the new cool. They are being used widely to create a different look in the room that looks good and is affordable.

Anything can be written on the canvas with color contrast according to your choice as Black writing on white canvas or Golden on black. You can choose any color of your choice and hang it on the wall.

2.6. Simple Custom Shelves

The simplest yet elegant designed shelves are so easy to be made at home. You only need some hobby lobby brackets and a wood piece.

You can choose any style of wood you want and can paint it in any color and attach any design of your choice.

2.7. Mosaic CD Mirror

CDs can be used to create a lot of handmade pieces according to your choice. As they can be attached to a mirror, the wall directly or tiny pieces can be placed in a glass vase.

A mosaic mirror can be created by dividing the CDs into tiny pieces and sticking them around the mirror in one-inch space on all sides. And you are all good to hand it on the wall and click pictures in it.

All of these ideas won’t be heavy on your pocket, so you can pick any of them, and voila! Thank me later. For more cool ideas visit