DIY Home Renovation Ideas

Image having the same home setup, decor, and furniture for years.  Now imagine you wake up one morning and see a stain in the middle of the rug, the leather on the couch is scratched up, the plant in the corner of the room is dying, and everything looks absolutely repulsive.  The average person would want to throw everything out and go shopping for newer pieces to fill up their space.  Well, you don't have to be the average person if you take some inspiration from this article as well as invest some time and supplies into some DIY home renovation ideas.

Home Renovation Ideas

Here are some interesting home renovation ideas that will be easy on your pocket and also give your space a whole new look without making you throw out everything.?

1. Layering Rugs

You are just in luck because layering carpets has become such a trend.  It adds dimension and texture to any room if you layer the right way.  Also, it is the perfect way to add color or stay in the theme of a room.  Just place another rug onto the original stained rug and you will be golden.


2. Sofa Covers

We can all admit sofas and couches are very hard to keep clean especially if they are a light color.  They can also get damaged pretty easily and they are typically a large investment.  Instead of getting a new couch, try using couch covers.  Please don't get any cheap ones, you can get them custom-made or buy them after getting feedback and reviews from other customers.  


3. Fake Plants > Real Plants

So if you have a hard time keeping real plants alive, I would recommend investing in fake plants that will last a lifetime (well at least until you want it to).  To make the fake plant look real, but the fake plants in the real plant holders.


4. Wallpaper

Adding wallpaper to a bare wall can make a statement as well as bring out the colors in the room with the right choice of wallpaper.  Wallpaper is also inexpensive and easy to apply.  The newer peel-off wallpapers are also easy to take off and do not damage the wall behind the wallpaper.


5. Brick/Stone Sheets 

If you are not into wallpaper may be brick or stone on the wall is up to your alley.  It adds a rustic and natural touch.  I personally have this in my bedroom and everyone new that sees it always compliments it.  It was easy to install with a staple gun and it was pretty inexpensive.  This way I was able to achieve the loft vibe without actually living in a loft.


6. Add a New Backsplash

While backsplashes have not become a huge trend in Pakistan, they are pretty popular everywhere else.  Backsplashes can be used to tie together the cabinets and countertops, but they can also be used to add color or add a flow to space.  Imagine white gorgeous cabinets with white marble countertops and then a nice seafoam green backsplash, wow my mouth may be watering.


7. Wall Art

If you have a bare wall and need to spice up the wall, but wallpaper or paint is too much, then this is the DIY for you.  Buy a print from somewhere whether it is just words or a graphic, then choose a frame of your choice, then put the print in the frame, and wow you've got some wall art.


8. Paint the Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets in most homes are outdated and need to be revamped.  The easiest way to get what you want is by painting them yourself.  Paint them a modern color like white and it will change up the whole kitchen look.  


9. Hardwood Floor 

If you have carpet and know there is some solid hardwood underneath, then what are you still doing sitting here reading this article?  I recommend you leave right this minute and rip off your carpet, then sand down the hardwood, apply a satin and topcoat, and then you have a brand new floor.  This might be a long project, but the final look is definitely worth it.  


10. Barn Doors

While this might not be your cup of tea, the rustic farmhouse look is trending.  If you want to jump on the bandwagon, this might be the easiest DIY project.  Replace any door with a barn door and the look will drastically change.  Ask for some help and you will be sure to make it happen with a team of your own.


Take some inspiration from the above ideas or think of your own to make changes throughout your home to keep it new and fresh looking.  Every time you start to get sick of the decor or furniture in your home, reference back here.