Fort Munro - The Famous Hill Station in Pakistan

Whether you are looking for a serene escape or want to experience something new, there’s no better place than Pakistan. The country offers so much in terms of natural beauty and cultural heritage that everyone will find something they love. 

One of the most beautiful and diverse countries in Asia, Pakistan offers visitors a variety to suit every taste. Pakistan’s Punjab province is home to some of the country’s largest deserts, lush green fields, and breathtaking hill stations. A land with amazing natural diversity that also includes Fort Munro, which reflects this very well.

About Fort Munro 

Peacefully resting on the lush green hills, Fort Munro is a hilly paradise covered by Pine plants and shrubs. 

Previously, it was a small village called Loilaresir in the north of Punjab. It was "founded" by a British man named Sir Robert Groves Sandeman, who used to be in charge of this area. He changed the name to Fort Munro after Colonel, later Major-General, Andrew Aldcorn Munro, commissioner of the Derajat Division and Multan Division.

Fort Munro is a beautiful place that experiences snowfall from time to time. It has been called “Mini Murree” by the locals. It is a town where people come to escape the heat and enjoy nature. Tourists can go hiking or camping.

Fort Munro Location 

Fort Munro is an old hill station located 85 kilometers from the city of Dera Ghazi Khan. You will need first to reach Dera Ghazi Khan to get there. It would take around an hour or so to get to Fort Munro using your car or one of the available coach services.

This bridge is being built at National Highway 70. It has been completed and launched as the first phase. Once the project is complete, it will provide a better way to travel because it will be safer and easier for everyone.

Tourism in Fort Munro

The stunningly beautiful and rugged Fort Munro is a popular attraction for travelers from all over the world. Fort Munro is the highest point in the Koh-e Suleman mountain range, and it is often considered a jewel of Southern Punjab.

The government of Pakistan has made an effort to turn this fort into a fully-fledged tourism spot. They are adding features like a chairlift system and a cable car to make this place more appealing while also developing new infrastructure projects for people visiting there to access basic facilities. 

The area is a popular tourist destination because of its natural beauty and history. You can find many interesting places, such as Deputy Commissioner House/Munro Lodge, a regional court, ruins of an ancient fort, etc.   

Places to Stay Near Fort Munro 

You can find a place to stay near Fort Munro in Pakistan. The per night room rates for hotels start as low as PKR 1,000. 

Here are some famous places to stay near Fort Munro:

  • Fort View Guest House
  • Royal Hotel
  • Agosh Hotel  

You may want to pack your winter clothes while traveling to this mountain resort in the region. The scenic beauty of Fort Munro, the highest peak in Punjab, is something not to be missed. With its snow-capped mountains and lush forests, it's a perfect spot for nature lovers.

So, why wait? Plan your trip now.