Fortress Lahore - An Entertainment Hub in Lahore

Fortress Stadium is located in Lahore. It is on Aziz Bhatti Road. The stadium has lots of outdoor space for sports and other things to do. But it's not used very much anymore, except for some cultural and sporting events. 

The area around the stadium is still a busy place in the city with many stores and businesses.

An Overview of Fortress Stadium Lahore 

With the construction of the Fortress Square Mall in 2014, and the stadium being out of use, for most people, it is now called Fortress Stadium. There are lots of stores that sell high-end brands at this mall in Lahore, and there's also Joyland, Sindbad, and St. John Park nearby.

The stadium is used for many different things. People from Lahore come to the National Horse and Cattle Show. It also has other events, like cultural events, fairs, and local sporting events. The National Horse and Cattle Show displays livestock as well as some other things like horsemanship, racing, folk dancing, etc.

Entertainment Facilities in Fortress Stadium Lahore 

In the open part of the stadium, there are many shops and restaurants. This is a big entertainment hub in Lahore. There are also facilities that you can use at Fortress Stadium, such as:

  • Fortress Square Mall
  • Joyland Amusement Park
  • St. John Park
  • Sindbad’s Wonderland

We will discuss each of these attractions below.

Fortress Square Mall 

Fortress Square Mall is a good mall. It has high-end stores and a food court. You can go there to buy things or eat. You can also see movies at Cinepax Cinemas on the 2nd floor of the mall while you are there, and it has parking too!

The mall is home to Super Space. This is an indoor amusement park with fun games, rides, and activities. If you are bringing the kids along, they will have a good time at the Rainbow Garden which is a soft play area for them to play in. 

The mall also has a Carrefour supermarket so that you can buy your things there too. Teenagers might like the bowling alley here too because it's inside of the mall.

Joyland Amusement Park 

Joyland is an amusement park with lots of rides. Some are for kids, some are for adults. The weekends have long lines, but weekday visits are fun. There's a ticket that gives you access to rides and they're open from 4 pm to 12 am on weekdays.

As one of the best amusement parks in Lahore, it offers many rides. You can enter with a wristband that costs PKR 400. The wristband will allow you to get on any ride for free the whole time you are there.

St. John Park 

A park is a good place for families to go. It has trees and a fountain to play in. It is next to the stadium so people can watch games. The name of the park is St. John Park and it's a nice place to be with your family after shopping at the mall if you want some fresh air.

Sindbad’s Wonderland 

Another place to go near the Fortress Stadium is Sindbad's Wonderland. They have a bunch of arcade games as well as rides for toddlers, and it has a food court with all sorts of food that you can buy. There are rides too, like Spinzone Cars and Venturer - 3D Simulator. It is open from 3 pm-11 pm every day.

Timings Of Fortress Stadium

There are many stores that have clothes that are affordable. There are also restaurants that have food. The stores and restaurants near Fortress Stadium, Lahore, open from Monday to Friday between 11 am and 9 pm, and on Saturday and Sunday between 12 pm and 11 pm.