Here are the Rates to Get a 5 Marla House for Rent in the Best Areas in Lahore

Lahore is Pakistan's second-largest city and is called home by over 8.5 million people. It is also the capital of Punjab and is one of the few cities in the world to have such a rich heritage.

The city holds immense importance to Pakistan, being its largest educational center. Lahore is the city of poets, artists and is the center of the film industry.

Lahore was the cultural center during the Mughal empire and therefore holds structures such as the Lahore Fort and Badshahi mosque. The city is extremely close to the hearts of the Sikhs as it was the capital city during Sikh rule in the 19th century.

Politically we have Minar-e-Pakistan, which represents our struggle for freedom. The Lahore Zoo is the fourth oldest and one of the largest in the world.

Best Areas in Lahore to Rent a 5 Marla House

The city is the cultural heartbeat of the nation, hosting most of the countries art, music, food, film, gardening, and intellectual festivals. 80% of our books are published in Lahore, which speaks volumes about its educational influence in the country.

There are mosques, temples, gurdwaras, and shrines like Data Durbar located in the city, which again speaks volumes about the cities diversity.

So yes, Lahore is one of the most ideal cities for a person to live in Pakistan. But, certain areas are much better than others. We have compiled a list of all the best areas in Lahore and in what price bracket can you rent a 5 Marla house in them.

1. Defence Housing Authority (DHA)

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This is arguably the best place to live in Lahore. You will regularly see foreigners coming into local parks and stores, as they prefer to stay there as well. The reason for its popularity is simple; the streets are wider, the air quality is better, and the area is much less chaotic than the rest of the city.

You can choose from an array of restaurants when you are looking to eat out, and I can say the same for shopping. Each block has its own market, park, mosque, and most have their own DHA club as well.

There are several phases in DHA, phase 1 being the oldest and 7-11 still being developed. You can rent a five Marla house in DHA in the range of 40-80 thousand rupees a month.

2. Bahria Town

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After DHA, Bahria Town ranks best in terms of facilities and peaceful living. Bahria Town is beautifully designed, with each block designed to be unique in its own way, for example, many foreigners live in meadow villas, which has an Egyptian theme.

You will find an array of options for shopping, schooling, and eating out. The entire society has lush green trees and a very peaceful environment. Bahria Town has its own security and produces its own electricity, so you can say goodbye to load shedding.

The only downside to living here is the society's distance from major areas in Lahore. You can rent a 5 Marla house in Bahria Town for 35-80 thousand rupees a month.

3. Cantonment (CANTT)

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In Pakistan, the Cantonment area is basically the army area. The area is relatively older than DHA, and so are the houses. But you will find life in CANNT to be peaceful.

The roads are big; there is an abundance of restaurants and shopping centers, and it is probably the safest area in Lahore. You can rent a 5 Marla House in CAANTT for 30-50 thousand rupees a month.

4. Model Town

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Located in a very central area in Lahore, Model town has an array of first-class parks and wide avenues. The houses may be a bit old, but they are cheaper to rent.

Living costs are also lower in Model town. You can rent a 5 Marla house for 25-60 thousand rupees a month.

5. Gulberg

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Gulberg is truly the heart of Lahore. You will find universities, restaurants, shopping malls, offices, and everything you could desire in this area. But, there is a lot of noise and population around this area.

As most of it is commercial property and is more of a hub for businesses and schools. This is the only drawback to this area. You can rent a 5 Marla house in Gulberg for 40-80 thousand rupees.

6. State Life Society

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Located near the ring road, you can get easy and quick access to many areas in the city. It is a beautiful society and is very close to DHA. Hence, markets are easily accessible and can enjoy all the benefits of DHA living here.

You can rent a 5 Marla house here for 35-50 thousand rupees. But the houses are all new, and some are also furbished.

7. Johar Town

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Located near the canal road, Johar Town has all the facilities that a person could ask for; there are so many restaurants and shopping centers in Johar Town that it is quite difficult to count them all.

You can find many schools to enroll your children, and the living cost is comparatively lower than DHA. You can rent a 5 Marla house for 35-55 thousand rupees.

8. Garden Town

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Located near Ferozepur road, Garden Town is near all other major areas in Lahore, such as liberty, DHA, etc. You can find all the necessities of life here. You will find beautiful and durable houses in Garden Town, although they will be quite old. A 5 Marla house for rent costs around 25-50 thousand rupees.

9. Canal Housing Societies

You will find many societies on the canal bank road, but none of them is quite as good as Eden villas and canal view.

The societies are found near Thokar Niaz Baig, and they have their own security, fitness centers, and shopping centers as well. You can get a 5 marla house for rent in 20-45 thousand rupees.

10. Faisal Town

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Faisal Town is located near the canal bank road, so the location is quite ideal. The houses are well designed and durable as well. You can easily find basic necessities and luxuries in this area. You can rent a 5 Marla house here in about 20-60 thousand rupees. The rent depends on how new and furnished the house is.