Kumrat Valley - Exploring an Enchanting Travel Destination

Pakistan is a country with many beautiful places. Every region of Pakistan has many nice things to see, and every adventure-seeker should visit one of them. There is Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, which is a province in the northwest part of Pakistan. 

In this place, there are big mountains. In the valleys between these mountains, you can find some very beautiful places on earth. One such valley is the Kumrat valley located in the upper region of swat valley near Chitral, KPK. 

We will be talking about some things you should know before going on your trip to this nature's wonderland. First, let's talk about the valley itself.

About Kumrat Valley

In the province of the Upper Dir District in KPK, the valley of Kumrat is a very beautiful place. It has waterfalls, green pastures with freshwater springs, and huge mountains with fast-flowing rivers. The valley is rich with Deodar trees and has a beautiful Deodar forest for tacking.

Kumrat is one of the best places to visit. It has a lot of natural beauty. People call Kumrat ‘heaven on earth because it is so beautiful. You can camp, have a bonfire, go boating, go trekking, and climb there. 

There are many things to do at Kumrat for someone who likes adventures!

Places for Stay in Kumrat Valley 

Kumrat Valley is a place where you can camp. It has two options for overnight stays. One option is if you are camping, which costs about 200 rupees per night or you can stay in a hotel which starts at PKR 2000 per night for one night. The prices will fluctuate depending on the time of year.

Sight Seeing Places in Kumrat Valley 

Even if you have been to this place in Khyber Pakhtunkwa, you haven't seen all the tourist attractions. There are dozens of places to see. 

Tourist attractions include wooden canals, dojanga (villages), panjkora river, waterfall in jahaz banda (village), do kala chasma (valley), badagoi pass, and chahrot banda (village). And there is trekking to katora lake and jandrai village.

There are many beautiful lakes, mountains, valleys and forests in Kumrat. These natural things make Kumrat the most beautiful place to visit. This is true for everybody who visits Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Some other attractive tourist spots in Kumrat Valley are: 

  • Kumrat Town Centre
  • Kumrat Panjkora River
  • Kumrat Majestic Mountains
  • Kumrat National Park
  • Kumrat Wild Life
  • Kumrat Wild Trout Habitat
  • Kumrat Valley Jungle
  • Kumrat Waterfall
  • Kumrat Camp Site (Camping Pods)

Weather in Kumrat Valley

The clouds usually dominate the skies in the valley of Kumrat during most times of the year. It is rainy sometimes and very cold in winter. The weather is pleasant most of the time, which makes it one of the best places to visit in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

You should go to Kumrat Valley in the summer when it is warm. It can be between 5.6 °C (42.1°F) and 16.2 °C (61.2 °F). If you go in winter, it can be very cold because the temperature drops to -16.1 °C (3.1°F) or lower or even higher than that during December, January, and February so snow will fall on your head! 

The other months are also fine but they are cooler than the summertime days there in Kumrat Valley/

Quick Tip: People who visit Kumrat Valley should plan their clothing for the upcoming season. They should check the weather forecast to figure out what they need to wear.

Possible Routes to Reach Kumrat Valley 

The valley is in the Upper Dir District of KPK. When you go there, you will see a mix of carpeted roads and dusty pathways. The town closest to the valley is Thall.

To get to Kumrat from any city in Pakistan, you need to start by going to a town called Thall. It is called the entrance to the valley. From Thall, you have to take the Uttar Road because it is a roller-coaster of twists and turns due to the mountainous landscape of the region.

Your journey from a bazaar in Uttar to Thall will cost you 150-200 Rs per person if you take a shared taxi. But if you want to go in a 4X4 jeep, it will cost 500 Rs per person. The jeep driver might charge 2000-4000 Rs depending on season and weather. 

When someone is traveling from Kalam to a bazaar in Uttar, they can hire a shared cab for 150-200 Rs per person. But if they need to go all the way to Thall, they would need a 4X4 Jeep that costs 500 Rs per person. 

If someone needs a private car with a driver, it can be anywhere from 2000-4000 Rupees depending on the season

The valley of Kumrat is a very beautiful place. It is an ultimate tourists spot and entertains many local and international tourists throughout the year. 

This blog has enlightened you about the major sightseeing places in the Kumrat valley. We have also walked you through the process of reaching the valley via various routes. Furthermore, you can take help from the guide to choose the stay areas in the valley. 

If you find this blog helpful and interesting, then you will want to visit the valley for sure!