List of Best and Affordable Wooden Doors for Your Home

One of the most beautiful and elegant door materials in existence is wood. It can be used for interior or exterior doors, giving your home that luxurious touch you've always dreamed about.

Wood is not just a beautiful material; it's also an excellent choice for doors. Wooden doors are more durable and provide better insulation than most other door materials. It is one of the best investments you can make in your home's interior, and the exterior is doors. 

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Benefits of Using Wooden Doors for Your Home

If you are looking for an upgrade to your home's exterior, consider wooden doors. They look old-world charm with their natural beauty and minimalist design that will make any house feel more modern.

The reasons why you should select it among the many other choices available are as follows:

  • Insulation

Wooden doors are the best way to keep your home warm during winter. They have a very high R-value, which makes them excellent at resisting temperature changes, and insulation capacity keeps heat or cold out. That's why the wooden door will help save money on energy bills by up 30%.

You can find an extensive variety of paints and varnishes to coat your door in order to increase its insulation properties. Just look for companies that offer quality installation services.

  • Electricity

Wooden doors have a great advantage over metal ones when it comes to safety. They don't conduct electricity, so they're perfect for preventing short circuits and other incidences involving electrical charges.

  • Rust Free

If you live or work near the beach, a wooden door is your best option. These doors are not affected by rust and will keep looking new for years to come. 

  • Easy Installation

The durability and natural beauty of wooden doors make them an excellent choice for any home. They're also easy to cut with simple hand tools, making them so they can be installed at a low cost.

  • Durable

If you have a wooden door and it's well polished, then the chances are that the wood will last for years. All you need to do is varnish your doors once in a while so they don't get too dirty or damaged.

  • Looks Appealing

The wooden door is a classic that never goes out of style. The smooth finish and simple elegance make it stand out to anyone who enters your home. It also provides an interesting counterpoint with its other features, such as being carved or painted according to any design you want.

  • Adjustment

With the right experts, tools, and measurements, you can have your door shaped to fit any space. Moreover, it's adjustable so that architects' specific requirements are met too. 

Things to Keep in Mind When Selecting Wooden Doors 

Natural wood from trees cannot be used for construction purposes since it has a high moisture content. Wood usually goes through a commercial drying process before it can use in construction.

If you live in a humid climate, it's important to maintain the condition of your doors by regularly polishing them. This will help avoid permanent damage and prevent warping or swelling, leading to an unsightly appearance on your homes' exterior. 

When deciding whether or not wooden doors are right for your home, it's important to consider the threat of termite infestation.

Popular Types of Woods 

Wood is a beautiful material, and if you're looking for something to make your home doors more amazing. Here are some of the most common types in Pakistan for wood doors.

  • Deodar

The best type of door for your home is Deodar, also known as Himalayan Cedar. This wood comes from the national tree of Pakistan and has an even texture which makes it perfect to use on exterior doors. 

Pros of Deodar Wood

Cons of Deodar Wood

Deodar is a beautiful, sleek, and straight-grained wood that makes an attractive door. 

The cost of a Deodar door is slightly higher than other types in Pakistan.

It is the strongest wood type with weight and strength. 

Diyar is a very durable material, but it can easily scratch. 

These doors can provide a layer of security to your household.

It is not suitable for polish and paint.

Price of Deodar Wood Doors in Pakistan 

The price of deodar wood in Pakistan varies depending on the quality. High-quality pieces are priced at around PKR 4500 per cubic foot. 

  • Partal

The door made out of partal is a beautiful, affordable option that will make your home elegant. It has an almost white color but gains some brown shades as it ages over time.

Partal is a cheaper and common alternative to other woods that can be used for furniture, interior doors, or even musical instruments. In addition, it has low bending strength, so it's easy on the budget.

Pros of Partal

Cons of Partal

It is commonly available in a wide range of designs.

Partal is a softer species of wood that may not have the same durability as other types.

Partal doors are a great solution for those with tight budgets. 

It is very prone to termite infestation.

Price of Partal Wood Doors in Pakistan

The price for partal wood is about PKR 1,500 per cubic foot. 

  • Ashwood

The best wood for your doors is Ash. It’s a straight-grained softwood known to be flexible, tough, and textured. You can find this type of door at rather inexpensive rates from imported US or Canada, making it one of the most popular choices when looking into adding value to your home.

The color of the wood changes with age. It can be light or creamy brown, though ash will often darken over time.

Pros of Ashwood

Cons of Ashwood

Ashwood is relatively strong. 

It is expensive.

It does not shrink or swell. 

Not very durable.

Price of Ashwood Wood Doors in Pakistan 

The price for ashwood is about PKR 5,000 per cubic foot. 

  • Poplar

In the world of interior wood doors, Poplar is an affordable option. It's available in greenish-yellow or grey shades, perfect for any home decor.

This type of wood is used for making doors in homes. It has close grains and occasional streaks of purple, with an even texture that makes it quite popular among homeowners who want to find a good door material when building or remodeling their houses.

Pros of Poplar

Cons of Poplar

It can keep your home warm and cool also provides good insulation.

It can cause eye allergy and skin irritation if not treated properly. 

Good for painting 

The greenish tint in this type of wood makes it more difficult to work with clear finishes and paints.

Price of Poplar Wood Doors in Pakistan 

You can buy poplar in Pakistan for the starting price of PKR 3,200.

  • Oakwood

Oakwood is a common and popular type of wood. It is a common wood choice for furniture, and it can use in kitchens. The color varies depending on the hue of oak you receive - ranging from reddish browns to yellow tones.

Pros of Oakwood

Cons of Oakwood

It is strong and long-lasting.

The color may darken over time.

It is resistant to warping. 

Not being kiln-dried properly can cause this wood to crack and contract easily.

Price of Oakwood Doors in Pakistan 

The price for Oakwood is PKR 2,800 per cubic foot. 

  • Mahogany

Mahogany is a beautiful type of wood that can be used to make exterior doors in Pakistan. This durable, textured, and strong material will last for years with proper upkeep while also giving your home an elegant look you'll love.

Pros of Mahogany

Cons of Mahogany

This type of wood is perfect for those who live in countries with humid climates or areas that receive a lot of rain.

It is expensive.

It is long-lasting and strong.

It is difficult to cut in shapes and install.

Price of Mahogany Wood Doors in Pakistan

You can buy poplar wood for the starting price of PKR 5,200 per cubic foot. 

  • Local Kail Wood

More commonly known as pinewood, local kail wood is a cheap and economical door option. Experts usually prefer local kail as it has better elasticity and is not prone to shrinking or swelling.

Pros of Local Kail Wood

Cons of Local Kail Wood

It is lightweight.

It is not strong.

It is less expensive. 

It is more prone to scratches.

Price of Local Kail Wood Doors in Pakistan 

The starting price for local kail wood is PKR 3200 per cubic foot.

Now, you get a list of the best wood for doors. Thus, choose the best one according to your budget and needs.