Pak Army Ranks - Order, Description and Comparison

Pakistan Armed Forces are considered one of the best. There are three main military forces in Pakistan, which are the Pakistan Army, the Pakistan Navy, and the Pakistan Air Force. Here is a list of the ranks of the Pakistan Army that you can read more about below.

Pakistan Armed Forces - Ranks and Roles 

The military forces of the sub-continent used to fight for the British before they got their independence. Now, they use a ranking system similar to English troops. 

The army, navy, and air force all have several levels of ranking officers that command the enrolled troops and help them become battle-ready. 

Military ranks personnel have insignias, and each is worn on the shoulder of uniforms. The rank structure of the Pakistan army is based on British army ranks. Although all army personnel wears a similar Khaki uniform, their pay scales, duties, and responsibilities vary. 

Let's talk about the roles and responsibilities for military ranks below, taking each division and rank in turn.

Comparison of Ranks of Pakistan Armed Forces



Air Force

Second Lieutenant


Pilot Officer


Sub Lieutenant

Flying Officer



Flight Lieutenant


Lieutenant Commander

Squadron Leader

Lieutenant Colonel


Wing Commander



Group Captain



Air Commodore

Major General

Rear Admiral

Air Vice-Marshal

Lieutenant General

Vice Admiral

Air Marshal



Air Chief Marshal

Pakistan Army Ranks 

The Pakistan Army has many ranks. It starts with Second Lieutenant and goes up to General. The different ranks in the army are:

Second Lieutenant (2ND-LT) 

A Second Lieutenant is the lowest rank of a commissioned officer in the Pakistan Army. They lead soldiers into battle by giving orders to the platoon sergeant who then gives them to squad leaders and other soldiers. The position is often held for 1-2 years, with 30 soldiers under their command.

Lieutenant (LT)

After the Second Lieutenant rank, there is a next Pakistan Army ranking called 'First Lieutenant'. This officer has more battle experience and may lead only specialized units or platoons. They might also be in charge of indirect-fire systems, with long-range weapons as part of the army’s artillery unit.

Captain (CAPT) 

Captains are in charge of more than 100 soldiers in a company-sized unit. They often have help from a Non-Commissioned Officer rank (NCO). 

This is the rank where officers are expected to lead and command the soldiers personally. Captains also use their skills and expertise to teach at cadet schools and train centers.

Major (MAJ) 

Most generals are not on the battlefield. They have a staff of people who help them. Majors are usually in charge of looking after big jobs. They might do things like plan new missions or oversee missions that are already happening.

Lieutenant Colonel (LT-COL) 

This rank in the Pakistan Army commands a group of up to 1,000 soldiers. They might also be chosen as Executive/Commanding Officers for a task force.

Colonel (COL)

Another rank of the army is Colonel. Colonels are in charge of talking to the office and the battlefield. They might also be able to speak for senior officials when they need advice on certain things.

Brigadier (BRIG)

Brigadier generals have two jobs. Brigadier Generals can sometimes choose to stay with their brigade on the field or to work in the headquarters. They usually do this for a while and then switch.

Major General (MAJ-GEN)

A division is a group of about 10,000-15,000 soldiers. They are led by a Major General. The Major General might also be in charge of another group that helps the Ministry of Defence.

Lieutenant General (LT-GEN) 

Commanding more than 20,000 soldiers, Lieutenant Generals often have a say in appointing staff in the Ministry of Defence.

General (GEN) 

The General is the highest-ranking officer in the Army. They have lots of experience, and they are in charge of all of the Army's operations in their region. The Chief of Staff is also a General.

Pakistan Navy Ranks 

Now, we will talk about the roles and ranks of officers in the Pakistan Navy.


A joining officer of the Pakistan Navy is given the title of Midshipman. This is the training phase for becoming an officer in the Navy, based on what you want to be good at.

Sub Lieutenant (S/Lt) 

Midshipmen are promoted to the rank of Sub Lieutenant after they have been in training for two years. They monitor the crew in order to move up to the rank of Lieutenant.

Lieutenant (LT)

Lieutenants in a naval fleet make sure that the crew is doing their jobs. They help to make plans and they also watch out for attacks from other ships.

Lieutenant Commander (LT-CDR)

The commanding officer of a small craft is called the Lieutenant Commander. They have their own crew, and they often choose to lead one department in the Navy.

Commander (CDR) 

The commander is in charge of a warship or submarine. The captain is in charge, but the commander can also be second in command. The top jobs for commanders are on ships and submarines, but they can also work at naval bases onshore. They might choose to work at the Ministry of Defence instead.

Captain (CAPT) 

Captains have command over larger ships. Captains are in charge of the crew and the boat, and they make sure that everyone is safe. 

Captains also make sure that everyone is doing their jobs. That means that captains tell people what to do and where to go. They also keep track of important things like food, water, fuel for the ship, and more.

Commodore (CDRE) 

As a Commodore, you can choose to command a fleet of vessels or take on bigger roles onshore. You also help Rear Admirals when they need your assistance.

Rear Admiral (R-ADM)

This job gives an officer the power to fly their own flag on their ship. They also have the power to order others ships to protect their squadron and help during battle.

Vice Admiral (V-ADM) 

The Vice-Admiral can help the Admiral and might be in charge of the ships and fleet. The Vice-Admiral might also take up a position in government.

Admiral (ADM) 

An Admiral is the highest rank in the navy. They have complete control over a fleet of ships and can fly their own flag. If they need help, they might choose to have another officer come on board their ship. This rank is like that of a General in the Army.

Pakistan Air Force Ranks 

Now, let's discuss the ranks of the Pakistan Air Force.

Pilot Officer (PLT-OFF)

The first step to becoming a commissioned officer with the Air Force is to become a Pilot Officer. You must do tasks on the ground before you can fly an airplane.

Flying Officer (FLG-OFF)

Flying Officer might not fly yet. Some Flyer Officers are aircrew or on-ground support, and some Flyer Officers have command of flights on-ground bases.

Flight Lieutenant (FLT-LT)

Flight Lieutenants are people who can choose to be in the aircrew or on-ground branches. They are usually given command over a small unit of officers that are specially trained.

Squadron Leader (SQN-LDR)

Squadron Leaders start off by overseeing ground-based operations and squadrons. They will be asked to supervise a squad. They might also be asked to command a small flying squadron, but only if the Wing Commander approves it first.

Wing Commander (WG-CDR)

Flying squadrons are usually led by a Wing Commander who is in charge of lots of people and might be in charge of a Squadron Leader. The Wing Commander might also choose to command an administrative wing instead.

Group Captain (GP-CAPT)

A Group Captain oversees training institutes and flying bases. They might also have command over military aviation units, called groups.

Air Commodore (AIR-CDRE)

Air Commodores are high-ranking officers in the Air Force. They often command groups of people. They may also choose to work on the ground at the base.

Air Vice-Marshal (AVM)

Aeronautical Units are often commanded by an Air Vice Marshall. The role is also known as the Chief of the Air Staff and includes a range of duties.

Air Marshal (AM)

Air Marshals are second in command to Air Chief Marshals. This means they are the captain of the Air Force. Fighter pilots might also get this job, depending on their service history.

Air Chief Marshal (ACM)

The Air Chief Marshal is the Commander in Chief of the Pakistan Air Force. This is the highest rank awarded to someone in that country's Air Force.

You know about the ranks in Pakistan's armed forces. You can learn more about the military and its capabilities at the Army Museum in Lahore.