Port Grand Karachi - The Night Spot You Have Been Looking For

There is a reason why people call Karachi the "City of Lights." Karachi has many family attractions, hangout spots, and restaurants that are open late at night. These restaurants in Karachi cater to foodies and midnight crawlers of the city after it gets dark. 

Port Grand, Karachi is a very beautiful place that was built along the ship harbor on the waterfront. It is one of the newest additions to this list of best nightspots.

Port Grand is a place where you can go after sunset. It has many food places, attractions and different types of entertainment. We will tell you about Port Grand and why it is one of the best places to visit with family.

An Overview of Port Grand Karachi 

The Facebook page says it's also known as Port Grand, Pakistan. It is a unique family attraction in the whole country. It is located by the waterfront and has amazing views.

This place is new compared to many other places in Karachi. It opened on May 28, 2011. It was made by the Karachi Port Trust and a private company called Grand Leisure Corporation. So it has a unique name of "Port Grand."

It’s a one-kilometer bridge. It was made to be over the water of Chinna Creek. Many stores and restaurants are there now. It is a place for both adults and children. 

Let’s learn about the opening hours of Port Grand, Pakistan now.

Port Grand Timing

Here are the timings of Port Grand, Karachi. It's different for weekends.

  • Monday to Friday: 12 pm – 3.30 pm & 5 pm – 11.45 pm
  • Saturday: 5 pm – 11.45 pm
  • Sunday: 8:30 am – 12 pm & 5 pm – 11:45 pm

Note: Every Sunday, some of the restaurants at this complex offer breakfast. They open at 8:30 am so people can eat breakfast. The opening times for Port Grand may vary in case there is a holiday or there is a special event happening at the venue.

Ticket Prices of Port Grand, Karachi 

Let's see how much it costs to get into Port Grand.

Port Grand Ticket Price: PKR 300 per person

Note: The first 100 rupees of the entrance fee can be used for two food vouchers. Citizens over 60 years old don't have to pay any money for the entrance fee. If you use a certain bank's card, your ticket will also cost less.

Contact Details for Port Grand 

To find out more about venues for events, view their calendar. You can also contact the person in charge at:

  • Contact number: 0348-8311111 & 0344-8621900 
  • Email address: info@portgrand.com

Location and Routes to Reach Port Grand, Karachi

Port Grand is close to many famous landmarks in Karachi including the KPT Head Office, Karachi Mere Whether Tower, and Beach Luxury Hotel. Karachi's business hub I. I Chundrigar Road is only a few minutes away from this food street in Karachi. 

Here is the address for Port Grand:

Address of Port Grand: Off Maulvi Tamizuddin Road, Near West Wharf, Karachi

Best Routes For Port Grand 

The direct links to the Native Jetty and Jinnah bridges make the location of Port Grand even more prominent. From Clifton and DHA, Karachi, you can take Mai Kolachi Road, then MT Khan Road to get to this city's famous nightspot.

If you live in Gulistan-e-Johar, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Nazimabad, and PECHS then take MT Khan via Shahrah-e-Faisal. If you live in Saddar Town take Queens Road and then MT Khan Road to get to this family attraction in Karachi.

Main Features of Port Grand Karachi

The food street in Karachi that has other attractions is called Port Grand. You can see the shipyard of Karachi and drink something you like, or have something to eat. This place lights up at night and is very pretty. 

Let's find out if it's one of the best places to go at night.

  • Kids Attractions
  • Food Outlets
  • Concerts
  • Movie 
  • Shopping Outlets
  • Special Events
  • Entertainment
  • Shipyard Views
  • Security

Kids Attractions 

Kids would love this nightspot in Karachi. There are many different types of rides and games for children to play. They will enjoy the horses, train rides, play areas for kids, and candy stalls too.

Food Outlets 

There are many restaurants in the city. Some of them have food that is expensive and some that is cheap. Restaurants like: Sheikh Abdul Ghaffar, Gardenia, City Bistro, Chow Wow, and Babu Jee provide open-air and indoor dining experiences. There are also many food stalls on the street to satisfy your hunger for street food.

Shopping Outlets 

You can buy a lot of things at Port Grand. Clothes, accessories, and gadgets. If you want to, they will be on the street or in a store for you to find.


The Port Grand serves the best food in Karachi, but they also have concerts. They have had concerts for Independence Day and New Year's Eve. Many big names from the Pakistani pop industry have come to perform at their concerts.

Note: To be part of an event, sometimes you have to buy a ticket for this other than the Entry fee. Sometimes the entry fee is included in the concert ticket.

Special Events 

Port Grand is one of the best nightclubs in Karachi. They have special events with different themes and decorations for each type of event. Parties, concerts, performances, car shows - they do all sorts of things. And there are often some seasonal food specials too!


There is an outdoor place that they often use to show movies on special occasions. They do not screen movies often, but they will for special events.


Some of the key entertainment features that you can enjoy in Port Grand are VR gaming, 6D cinema, and Karaoke singing. You can also enjoy boating on Chinna Creek if you visit Karachi.

Shipyard Views 

At this family hangout spot in Karachi, you can watch the shipyard. This is visible from the entire strip of the food street. There is also a bridge with a railway line for ship cargo. You might often see trains passing by when you go to Port Grand, Karachi.


There are many cameras around the area. It is hard for people to get in without permission. There are guards and metal detectors. You can go to Port Grand Karachi with your family, but you need a ticket first.

Port Grand Karachi has all that you could ask for - Food, art, leisure, entertainment, adventure, fun, and shopping! There you will find diverse concepts in food, art galleries, and various other seaport celebrations at the port. 

Karachi is the cultural hub of Pakistan having huge shopping malls, and other finest developments that celebrate the potential of the city. Karachi with diverse concepts of entertainment also houses Port grand, located near the major landmarks of the city. 

Pakistan’s seaport celebrations at port grand are a view for all!