Shahdara Islamabad - A Beautiful Picnic Resort

Have you ever been to a stream that is cold and dipped your feet in it? Sitting on a charpoy with family and friends, eating food while watching the Margalla Hills in the background. This is what makes Shahdara Valley one of the best picnic spots in Islamabad. 

There are some things you should know before going there. So let's talk about how to get there, what foods to eat, and what to take with you when visiting Shahdara Valley.

Shahdara Valley - Reason of Attraction 

Shahdara Valley is one of the best picnic spots in Islamabad, where you can find plenty for your family to do. The valley has an endless stream of visitors every weekend. It's easy enough that even children will enjoy themselves here!

  • Activities to Do in Shahdara Valley

There are some things you can do in Shahdara Valley. There is rock climbing, where you climb a hilly area using rocks as stepping stones. There is also a play area for children, with swings and rides to keep them entertained. 

For adults, there is hiking and trekking on the mountain landscape. And for people who like food, there are many restaurants and food outlets that serve tandoori chicken, karahi (a dish), and fried lentils (a dish). You can also drink hot tea with fried samosas (an Indian dish) and pakoras (Indian snacks). These items cost less than other places. 

  • Eating Along the Stream Side

Shahdara Valley is a big place with green meadows, mountains, and a cold river. You can take your car deep inside the valley and enjoy natural views. When the amaltas trees are in full bloom, they look better than ever!

Shahdara Valley Direction 

If you're looking for a place to escape from city life, Shahdara Valley is perfect. Located just 30 minutes outside of Bani Gala or a 20-minute drive away from Bhara Kahu. There are no entry fees, and it's easy enough that visitors can enjoy their stay without any issue whatsoever. 

The distance itself varies depending on where one travels within Pakistan. For example, in Rawalpindi, it takes an hour and 15 mins while Islamabad sits for around 1 hour and 15 minutes.

One of the best weekend retreats in Islamabad is Shahdara Valley. You can get there by car and venture deep into it. But be cautious if you visit during the daytime because navigation may become tricky at night time when it gets dark early due to lack of sunlight.

Essentials to Take for a Trip to Shahdara Valley 

In addition to the haunted stories, there are also wild animals in this valley. Recently a leopard was seen lurking around Shahdara (a nearby town). There have been incidents where cows and goats were killed by these predators, so before planning your trip, be aware of what you'll encounter on Picnic Point!

Keep following things with you:

  • Keep a pair of binoculars to see if there are any animals or leopards nearby. 
  • Wear comfortable shoes, so you don't hurt your feet when you walk on rocks or uneven ground. 
  • Keep chilled juices and soft drinks in an icebox because it would be too hot outside without them. 
  • Wear sunscreen lotion to protect yourself from the sun's rays that can be very strong in this region.

Restaurants at Shahdara Valley

Shahdara is a great place to enjoy the outdoors, and there are many restaurants that offer delicious food. If you’re looking for something more than just a picnic or fast-food meal, make sure to try these dining options!

  • Shahdara Valley Restaurant

If you're looking for a perfect weekend getaway, then Shahdara Valley Restaurant is the place to be. The restaurant lies in two hills; behind these calm waters between them flows off onto mountain ranges that seem like they go on forever! 

It's not just about seeing this breathtaking view, though, but the food is also too good. 

  • Khyber Shinwari Dastarkhuwan Hotel 

The small hotel is a haven for those who enjoy fried pakoras and doodh Patti. Visitors come here to have this unique meal while sitting on chairs submerged in the refreshing cold stream running across the valley floor.

  • Hidden Terrace Restaurant 

The Shahdara Restaurant is a hidden gem situated just 500 meters from the main Shahdara picnic point. The best part about this restaurant is its exclusivity and beauty, as there isn't any other place like it in all of Islamabad! 

Shahdara Valley is a good place to go for people who like nature. It is a worth visiting place in Islamabad.