Trip to the Beautiful Place of Karachi Kund Malir

Kund Malir is one of the most pristine beaches along Makran Coastal Highway or N10. Being so close to Karachi, this spot would be popular with people looking for an afternoon drive and some peacetime alone on their vacations - but don't worry. There are plenty of activities available at Kund Malir if you want to enjoy time with your friends and family. Here’s everything worth knowing before visiting. 

Reaching Kund Malir From Karachi 

The Makran Coastal Highway is beside the Kund Malir Beach. The road leads to Ormara, Pasni, and Gwadar. The beach is part of the Hingol National Park with cliffs and a barren landscape.

The route from Karachi begins in the Sindh Industrial Trading Estate (S.I.T.E.) area, where you can take the Karachi Northern Bypass or M-10 to get to the city’s outskirts. You can also use a road called Lyari Expressway to get there, even if you start your journey somewhere else on that road. The M-10 merges onto N25 after it goes through a toll plaza at Hub in Balochistan.

Start at Zero Point and take the N25 to Hingol National Park. The road is 4 hours long, but you should stop near Winder for a break. There are small shops there where you can eat and go to the bathroom.

The N10 is a straight road with few turns. It will lead you to Hingol National Park, where no cell phone and internet signals exist. That means you can't use the internet or your phone when you go there.

Additionally, you should take food, water, and fuel. Most of the drive will be surrounded by empty land with only a few small roadside restaurants available at regular intervals.

Why Visit Kund Malir?

Karachites usually go to the beach in the summer. But if you go during the high tide season from June to August, there is a lot of water on the beach, and it can be hard to get around. It is better to go during the low tide season from October-February, then it will be safer.

There is another good reason to visit Balochistan during this time. The weather in the winter months is not very hot. However, nights in Hingol National Park can be cold, so you need to wear warm clothes.

Things to do at Kund Malir 

Kund Malir beach has been a popular destination for years. The recent development of private and government-owned resorts means you can easily spend the night here without any worries about finding accommodation yourself.

Kund Malir Beach is a hidden gem with an abundance of natural beauty. Here are some things you can do when visiting this amazing location:

  • Swimming

The crystal clear waters at Kund Malir Beach are tempting. You might want to dive right in, but remember there is no place to change your clothes, no huts or rentals available.

  • Camping

With its pristine beaches, lush green forests, and crystal clear waterfalls, Kund Malir is a favorite weekend getaway for many. You can pitch your tent or join one of the many tour groups that will take you to your destination in an air-conditioned vehicle. Also, you can set up camp with a bonfire and barbeque dinner.

  • Stargazing

Living in the city of lights might not give you many opportunities to see the stars, but Kund Malir is a great place for that. If you go to the beach at night, it is dark, and you can see lots of stars. You can even figure out which constellations are there.

  • Explore Hingol National Park

It's no secret that most people come to see the beauty of Kund Malir. It is a popular weekend getaway for Karachiites, who often stay overnight before returning home.

The Princess of Hope and the Sphinx are short drives from Kund Malir on N10. However, if you're in town for more than one day, consider exploring Hingol National Park - it has plenty to offer.

When you visit Kund Malir from Karachi, be sure to take a trash bag with you and leave the beach as clean as leaving so that future travelers can enjoy it just as much.