Why Bahria Orchard Is The Best Investment Opportunity For Millennials

Bahria Orchard is one of the many property development schemes Lahore has seen over the past few years.

But there is one marked difference between Bahria Orchard and other property schemes; Bahria Orchard is a low-cost scheme but still provides top call amenities to residents.

1. Bahria Orchard Lahore

Bahria Orchard aims to provide a standardized and modern living style in an affordable and economical price plan. A combination of basic and luxurious facilities make Bahria Orchard a well-planned community and a great place of living.

1.1. Location

The location for Bahria Orchard is also quite desirable; on main Raiwind road, the scheme connects to main Canal Road and Thokar Niaz Baig in a mere few minutes. As the city expands more and more by the day, these locations are becoming prime real estate, and prices will only appreciate over time.

The reason why Bahria Orchard would make an excellent investment opportunity for millennials is that it is low cost; right now! While the scheme has been marketed as low cost and indeed the prices are not as high as other real estate schemes in the city, it has all the elements to a good investment in the long run. 

1.2. Amenities and Features

Bahria Orchard will include the following features.

  • A Themed Entrance Park
  • Power Supply System,
  • A Renowned School
  • Hospital
  • 24/7 Security
  • Cinema
  • Golf Course
  • Parks

and more! While right now, the prices are low, they will likely rise in the future because of how central the property will become.

1.3. Size

The plots and apartments on sale in Bahria Orchard are of 5 and 8 marlas, respectively. So even if you don’t intend to live in the home, you can buy it solely as an investment.

If you compare prices to other development schemes in the city, you will find that Bahria Orchard comes out on top in terms of the price vs. the amenities provided.

1.4. Phases

Bahria Orchard has currently announced four phases and is working on them.

Phase 1 and Phase 2 have plots of 5, 8, and 10 marlas each as well as 1 Kanal plot. Phase 3 has bigger plots only of 10 marlas and one Kanal.

Phase 4 is for commercial plots which are of 5 and 8 marlas.

2. Bahria Orchard Payment Breakdown

The payment plans for Bahria Orchard plans vary according to the size of the plot and the type; residential and commercial plots are priced differently.

2.1. 1 Kanal Residential Plot

This will cost you a total of 8,100,000. The down payment for a 1 Kanal residential plot is 1,650,000. After which there have to be 9 installments made on a quarterly basis of 716,667.

2.2. 10 Marla Residential Plot

This will cost you a total of 5,100,000. The down payment for a 10 marla residential plot is 1,250,000. After which there have to be 9 installments made on a quarterly basis of 427,778.

2.3. 5 Marla Commercial Plot

This will cost you a total of 15,000,000 the down payment for a 5 marla commercial plot is 3,000,000. After which there have to be 9 installments made on a quarterly basis of 1,333,336.

2.4. 8 Marla Commercial Plot

This will cost you a total of 22,500,000. The down payment for 8 marlas commercial plots is 4,500,000. After which there have to be 9 installments made on a quarterly basis of 2000,000.

3. Why Invest in Bahria Orchard Lahore

The lush green gardens with all the basic facilities required within a gated community make Bahria Orchard a great place to live in.

3.1. It’s A Great Deal

Like we mentioned earlier, Bahria Orchard boasts some really amazing amenities. They are on par with some of the leading housing schemes in the city.

And while they are boasting low prices right now as part of their marketing strategy, they will eventually raise prices because the property will become more and more desirable to people. So you should snag some property in Bahria Orchard before that happens.

If you’re a millennial, you might not have enough savings to purchase property in the more popular and older housing schemes. But remember, even those schemes were new at some point. So give this one a chance and don’t wait too long or you might miss your shot.

3.2. It’s Good To Have Assets

As a millennial, you might be worried about your future, and rightly so. As the purchasing power of money falls, the money you have saved in bank accounts loses its value over time, even if there is a fixed interest rate that you are getting on it.

This is why financial advisors advise people to invest their money in assets that appreciate value over time. Assets like property or precious metals.

Thus, it might be a good idea to purchase some property right now when the prices are reasonable rather than letting your money sit inside a savings account at a bank.

If you have just gotten married, it might be a good idea to use all the money you got from loved ones and pool in your savings as well to purchase some property in Bahria Orchard so that the two of you can have some assets to your name to fall back on in hard times.

The first three phases of the development project are complete and ready for purchase and occupancy. However, the latter phases are still being worked on. The commercial side is almost done with only 20% of the work remaining. 

3.3. It Could Be Your Retirement Plan

Purchasing an apartment might be an excellent idea for your future as well. You might think the apartment will be going to waste since you do not need a place to live in, but it will be the best decision you ever make!

If you purchase an apartment, not only are you adding to your wealth, but you can also choose to rent it out. The rent can make for a helpful supplement to your income and eventually become your primary source of income when you decide to retire or are in-between jobs.

Bahria Orchard just announced and conducted the groundbreaking ceremony for a state-of-the-art German-Saudi hospital. So if you do retire here, you will have the best healthcare available nearby.

3.4. Property is a Solid Investment Over Other Assets

A lot of people buy shares when they are thinking of investing. And we have seen what can happen to companies overnight; they might go bankrupt, and in such a situation, you will end up losing all your money. Even if you carefully diversify amongst many businesses, a sudden downward shift in the economy might ruin everything for you.

In such an economic downturn, all companies will suffer, and a majority of them might even close off operations. And while property might also lose its value at a time like this, it will still be there when things start getting better for the economy and prices start rising again, keeping your money safe.

Being a millennial, it is hard to decide how to use our savings and what to invest in, but the property is always a safe choice and has the most payoff in the end — especially schemes like Bahria Orchard, which is just a few years, double your initial investment.