Why Pakistan Has Been Named The Top Destination For Tourists in 2020

So is anyone surprised Pakistan might be the most visited country in 2020 and hopefully many more years to come? 

Well, I am certainly not.  At the end of 2019, as per the Conde Nast Traveler publication, Pakistan has named the #1 travel destination for tourists all around the world.

1. Pakistan - The #1 Destination For Tourists in 2020

It may come as a surprise because many people haven't had the best image of Pakistan in mind... 

...but thanks to all of the influencers, travel bloggers and vloggers, that visited Pakistan the past year that perception has now been changed.  A rise in tourism increased by about 20% from 2018 to 2019 with the help of the British Backpacker Society. 

They ranked Pakistan as the #1 destination in 2018, but with the shift of social media and modern technology, the influence has increased even more.  

Source: cheflingtales.com

I mean we can all agree Pakistan is extremely beautiful and has so much to explore and do, so in retrospect Pakistan doesn't need validation, but it does help a ton.  The Pakistan Tourism Summit 2019 was also an example of how Pakistan is using technology and marketing the country in a way to expose the amazing things Pakistan has to offer. 

The Summit was created to introduce travelers and bloggers from all over the world to Pakistan.  It was a successful event and brought a lot of exposure through all social media platforms and YouTube.

2. Travel Blogger Eva's Visit to Pakistan

Some important takeaways famous travel blogger Eva Zu Beck mentioned in her post about Pakistan are very important to highlight and keep in mind when calling Pakistan the #1 tourist destination.


She sends messages to three specific groups of people involved with the tourism sector in Pakistan. 

2.1. Tour Guides

The first group she targets is tour givers and guides. She wants them to focus on the quality of the tours and how to preserve the natural sites Pakistan has to offer to locals and tourists. 

Often tour guides are quick to take tourists to commonly-visited places with little to no culture because it has been saturated with tourists and businesses looking to cater to these tourists. 

While tour guides may deliver the image tourists want to see, it is the job of a tour guide to take them down the beaten path and to show them what hasn't been seen before.  It is the responsibility of tour guides to help tourists pick out authentic food and to take them to sites with history and culture. 

Without tour guides giving tourists the real image of Pakistan, Pakistan will continue to be the best-kept secret of the world.  The sooner tour guides help to release this secret, the better Pakistan's tourism sector will perform. 

2.2. Local Bloggers

The second group of people she mentioned is local bloggers. Local bloggers who want to share the amazing things Pakistan has to offer and want to help in educating others about Pakistan are the key to Pakistan's fame. 

Pakistan has so much to offer from its food to its hospitable people to its history-filled landmarks, but not a lot of people are making this public knowledge.  It is the responsibility of locals to persuade and entice people to visit. 

They need to be sharing more of their good experiences and need to share what makes Pakistan the amazing place that it is.  Instead of including a clip of eating at Monal Restaurant, including a clip of eating from the Dhabba down the street from your home.  That is how people will learn to find out about what Pakistan had to offer. 

Local bloggers need to also go down a different path than tourists and show not only the amazing water of Hunza but also Kashmir's chai.  Instead of just clicking a picture of the Badshahi Masjid, also click a picture of young kids playing cricket in the middle of a busy road.  Pakistan is made up of beautiful masjids and the best-tasting restaurants, but it is also filled with people who will serve you the best kheer in the world.  Only local bloggers can share this side of Pakistan.

2.3. Tourists

The third group she mentions is the tourists themselves. While Pakistan is an easily searched country in Pakistan, it is hard to really tell what Pakistan is like.  You can be appropriately dressed in one street of Pakistan with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, while on another street, it can be deemed disrespectful. 

It is important for tourists to respect the country, its people, its cultures, and educate themselves before disrespecting people and culture.  It could be a smart idea to explore Pakistan with someone who is familiar with Pakistan and all areas of Pakistan.  It is important to ask questions and ask for permission before taking pictures, before dressing a certain way, and before making the wrong comments or saying the wrong things. 

Pakistan is a modern, yet cultural country and the last thing you want to do is to piss off people in the country you are visiting.  

Eva Zu Beck's post raised a lot of questions and comments, but what she discussed in her post is very important for people all over to know before the tourism sector fully takes off and comes in full swing.  There have been many people that have visited Pakistan in the past year and have held to the requests Eva Zu Beck has made.

3. Famous Bloggers & Vloggers Who Visited Pakistan Last Year

Let's take a look at some of the most popular places famous bloggers and vloggers have visited this past year.

3.1. Rosie Gabrielle


3.2. Jordan Taylor


3.3. Cynthia D. Ritchie


3.4. Trevor James


3.5. Mark Wiens


3.6. Alex Reynolds


Pakistan isn't mad about this, because its economy is about to take off.

With more tourism in Pakistan, more money and different currencies will begin to circulate in the economy.  This will become a great advantage for Pakistan and the current PM to work on improving the tourism sector. 

Tourism creates jobs for locals, adds money for improving infrastructure, and most of all, the natural attractions and culture will be further preserved.  The news has been circulating tremendously and it's looking a lot like the year for Pakistan.

So let's see how the tourism sector performs in 2020!