Why Winterland Karachi Is All The Rage Right Now

We often hear the joke that Karachi never experiences ‘real’ winters. And it’s true, even in the coldest winter, Karachi’s temperatures do not compare to those of cities in the country’s Northern region.

But that doesn’t mean Karachiites or even those who visit the beautiful maritime city cannot indulge in the joys that come with winters in the other areas of the world.

What is Winterland?

Winterland in Karachi is bringing icy joy to the city’s residents. The climate control amusement park that always stays at -10 degrees has activities for every age group from stunning ice sculptures, ice air hockey, and more. You can ride of ice bumper cars or ride the merry snow round; whatever you please!

The location boasts REAL snowfall! Winterland uses high pressure and fine mist air to create snow indoors. So guess what? You can have a snowball fight within Karachi! Who would have ever imagined being able to do that?

Even though Winterland provides jackets and other protective materials to customers, it is sure to get chilly inside the venue so it’s a good idea to bundle up.

They have a food court inside where you can go to enjoy a nice warm meal after spending time in sub-zero temperatures.

1. Where Is It, and When Can I Go?

Winterland is located in Karachi’s PAF museum near gate four on Shahrah-e-Faisal, Cantt. The venue is in the heart of the city and is accessible to everyone quickly. Winterland is open seven days a week, from 2 PM to 10 PM.

2. How Much Does Winterland Cost?

A ticket to Winterland is for PKR 2000. One ticket allows you 60 minutes of fun inside the venue and includes a jacket and other protective gear to wear when inside the cold Winterland. You do not have to pay extra for other activities as they are included in the ticket price.

Right now, Winterland has a promotional price of PKR 1500, but the offer might expire soon, so hurry on over if you want to avail it.

3. How to Get Tickets for Winterland?

You can choose to book tickets online for Winterland if you want to secure them in advance. Their official website gives the option to do so, and you can pay with your credit card. Or tickets are available at the venue as well.

Some words of advice before you begin planning your trip to Winterland.

  1. Do not wear inappropriate clothing for sub-zero temperatures. Make sure you wear long trousers and socks as well as close-toed shoes. The management of Winterland might advise against you entering certain areas of the place if you are not dressed appropriately according to them.
  2. Pregnant women, children of certain ages, people who are seemingly sick might be advised against going to Winterland as well due to the sub-zero temperatures, which could prove difficult for them.
  3. You cannot take any eatables, weapons, cigarettes or other dangerous things inside the premises.

Winterland is intended to be fun for the entire family. It can surely turn out to be a great day for the whole family.

And it is for sure, an amazing new attraction in the city where you can also take your guests when they come to visit you from out of the city or country.

A lot of celebrities and social media influencers have already been to the venue and gave it raving reviews.

Aimen Muneeb and her husband called it a great place for the entire family. And YouTubers have even made fun-filled vlogs on their first visits to the location.

With all of this said, you should definitely plan your trip to Winterland and have the time of your life!