Your Tourists Guide to the Lake View Park, Islamabad

People in Islamabad don't have to go far and wide for places to picnic or for tourist attractions. There are parks and monuments in all parts of the city, set against the background of beautiful Margalla Hills. One tourist attraction is Lakeview Park. When you visit Islamabad, you should include this place on your itinerary too.

Before we start, let's be clear. Lake View Park is not the same as Rawal Lake. It is on the other side of Rawal Dam Park. So do not get confused and think they are in the same place.

Here we are going to discuss some of the basic information you need to know as a tourist to visit Lake View Park in Islamabad. 

An Overview of the Lake View Park, Islamabad 

Lake View Park is a tourist attraction in Islamabad. It has all of the things you want to do. Whether you are looking for adventure, sightseeing, or just some time with your family, there is something for everyone at Lake View Park.

Lake View Park is an area that has gardens, benches, boats, and fishing equipment. The sports facilities of Battlefield Islamabad and Ibex Club are here too. People can go to the F1 TRAXX amusement park as well.

Lake View Park is a fun place for people to go. There is a paintball field, rock climbing, and amusement park ride here. The birds’ aviary at this place is the biggest in Pakistan.

It is a good place for kids. They can run around, play on the horse, go boating, and enjoy all of the rides in Lake View Park. It's also one of the best places to have a picnic in Islamabad.

Lake View Park is crowded during the weekends and school vacations. There are lots of people there. The park has a big open area for programs with music and things like that. There are also places where you can buy snacks - they allow you to explore the park with delicious food in your hand!

Furthermore, since the park is so big, visitors can use a train or a golf cart to explore. They are quite cheap too.

You do not need to worry about cleanliness or security since the Capital Development Authority manages the park. They take care of it and make it safe for families with children.

To put it simply, if you visit Islamabad for work or an excursion, you should take some time to see the beautiful park.

Lake View Park, Islamabad, Timings 

Lake View Park is open from 10 AM to 10 PM. You can visit it during the week As Well As On The Weekends. 

Lake View Park, Islamabad, Ticket Price 

The entry fee for Lake View Park in Islamabad is 20 Pakistani Rupees.

Lake View Park, Islamabad, Location 

The park is on Murree Road next to Malpur village and you can get there from the Kashmir Highway. It's also close to Islamabad's Diplomatic Enclave.

Some famous places near it are: 

  • Kashmir Chowk: 4 kilometer
  • Jinnah Convention Center: 4 kilometer
  • Islamabad Golf Course: 4.7 kilometer
  • Islamabad Serena Hotel: 4.7 kilometer
  • Pakistan Sports Complex: 5.7 kilometer
  • Ankara Park: 6.8 kilometer

Main Features of Lake View Park, Islamabad

Lake View Park is divided into four parts. The main park, F1 TRAXX, Ibex Club, and Battlefield Islamabad. These are the most important areas of the park because these are where you can have a picnic.

  • Vast gardens with flower beds and fountains
  • Spacious festival arena with a stage and seating area
  • Picnic points with barbecue facilities
  • Camping grounds
  • Play areas for children
  • Golf carts and passenger road train
  • Boating facility
  • Fishing facility
  • Horse-back riding
  • Pakistan’s largest aviary with hundreds of different types of birds
  • Paintball arena at Battlefield Islamabad
  • Mini Golf facility at Battlefield Islamabad
  • Rock climbing at Ibex Club
  • 5D Motion Ride at F1 TRAXX
  • Amusement park rides
  • ATV riding
  • Jumping castle
  • Swings
  • Swimming pool
  • Refreshment centers and snack bars

We have now finished our guide on Lake View Park in Islamabad. If you have been there before, please share your thoughts with us about your visit.