Your Ultimate Guide to the Jallo Park, Lahore

Jallo Park is a beautiful place with a lot of flowers. There are also a lot of animals, which you can see.

 “The Park has been conceived as a theme park with a combination of cultural, educational, and amusement facilities”. 

  • Punjab’s Forest, Wildlife, and Fisheries Department

In this blog, we will tell you about the features of one of the most amazing botanical gardens in Lahore. The information includes ticket prices and hours. 

Let’s start!

An Overview of the Jallo Park, Lahore

Jallo Park is a good place for family picnics. It has lots of nature. There are birds, insects, and other animals there too. This park should be on your bucket list if you love nature!

This botanical garden is one of the best places to visit with your kids. It has a lot of information about plants and animals. 

You can also show them how different animals live, their life cycles, and their habitats. The botanical garden is located about 20 km east of Lahore. This park was established in 1978.

From 2007 to 2010, the site was developed and expanded. It was under a government scheme. The park became one of the top spots in Lahore after it was done.

Jallo Park is spread over an area of 461 acres. Wear comfortable shoes if you want to walk. If you don't like walking, then use rickshaws that are located inside the park that will help you move around easily.

Features and Attractions in Jalo Park, Lahore 

Lahore's Jallo Park has these facilities and attractions:

  • Artificial lake and waterfall
  • Benches
  • Boating
  • Butterfly House
  • Gazebo
  • Lawn and Gardens 
  • Log Huts
  • Metalled Roads
  • Rock Garden
  • Swings
  • Water cooler
  • Water slides
  • Wildlife Park

Jallo Park Butterfly House 

One of the best parts of this garden is the butterfly house. It has 3000 different types of butterflies. Iftikhar Ahmed, Vice Chairman for Park and Horticulture Authority (PHA) Lahore proposed this idea to make it a fun place for people to learn about butterflies. 

Pakistan's first-ever butterfly house offers entertainment and education for the citizens. The management has put procedures in place to keep the temperature low in the butterfly house. Butterflies can't live when it is too hot.

The butterfly house also has an understanding gallery, a room where you can learn more about butterflies. The butterfly tunnel is fun to go through. There are waterfalls and a stream in the butterfly house. You can see larvae that have been raised and in the rearing chamber too!

Please buy a ticket to this part of the park. The ticket is valid only for 15 minutes. But that's not a problem because you can explore every corner at that time.

Jallo Park Ticket Price 

If you go to this botanical park in Lahore, the entrance is free. You need tickets for different things like a butterfly house, water slides, and other places.

Jallo Park, Lahore Timings 

If you want to see all that Jallo has to offer, plan on spending three hours. The butterfly house opens at 9 AM.

Jallo Park Lahore Timing: 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Location of Jallo Park, Lahore 

Jallo Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Lahore. It is close to Grand Trunk Road and Lahore Ring Road. Barki Road stretches south of this botanical garden. 

Some attractions nearby are Sky Land Water Park, Sozo Water Park, and Shalimar Gardens. Allama Iqbal International Airport is 30 minutes away from here.

The area of Jallo Park is near the best neighborhoods of the city. Some examples are Paragon City, Batapur, and Lahore Press Club Housing Scheme.

Jallo Park Address: Bhagwanpura, Jallo Road, Lahore. 

Restaurants Near Jallo Park 

Jallo Park Lahore has a restaurant for visitors. You can make a plan to tour the park and finish it with dinner at Thai Village, which is on the premises of Jallo Park. If you want more options, these restaurants are located 10-15 minutes away from Jallo Park:

  • Canal View Family Restaurant
  • Chesters
  • Kitchen Hub
  • Haddi Pizza Chicks 
  • Mom’s Pizza & Fast Food
  • Spice Hub Family Restaurant 
  • Shake Chilli Restaurant 
  • Fatima Wajid Restaurant 
  • Zouq Biryani
  • Open Tables 

Jallo Park Lahore is an excellent public recreation and wildlife site located in the Lahore district of Punjab Pakistan. It is a botanical garden or park that includes a forest, swimming pool, butterfly garden, and other tourist attractions. 

Some other wildlife parks located in Lahore include Changa manga and Lahore zoo safari in case you are interested to visit more parks in Lahore. The government of Punjab has also created a sports complex in the city for those interested in sports.