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Plots For Sale in Rawalpindi

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Plots for Sale in Rawalpindi: An Ideal Place to Invest and Live 

Are you looking to buy residential land in Rawalpindi? Here's what you need to know.

Rawalpindi is adjacent to Islamabad, Pakistan's capital city. It enjoys considerable economic and geopolitical importance being next to the capital city of Islamabad, Pakistan. It is a lively metropolis known for its bustle and activity, making it a busy urban center.

Because it is near to tourist destinations like Murree Nathiagalli Gilgit-Baltistan Kalam, Hunza, and the northern mountain ranges, hundreds of thousands of people visit it each year.

The city is well-known for its many activities and attractions available to both locals and visitors, such as:

  • Rawal Lake: The Rawal Lake is a man-made reservoir that captures water from streams flowing down the Margalla Hills and lesser Himalayas. It is home to beautiful birds and animals, as well as unique flowers and trees, making it an ideal natural habitat. Around Rawal Lake, there are several restaurants where you may get fresh fish and delectable regional cuisines. The Islamabad Club, for example, offers activities such as paragliding, boating, and cliff diving.
  • Pindi Food Street: Pindi Food Street sells local dishes including sajji, tikka boti, seekh kabab, mutton/chicken/beef karahi, pakoras, kheer, and a variety of teas. It attracts visitors from all around the country, who come to enjoy these delectable delights at incredibly reasonable prices.

Where Can You Purchase a Plot in Rawalpindi? 

Commercial, as well as residential plots, are available in Rawalpindi's most exclusive and opulent districts, such as Sadar Safari Valley Bahria Town Gulraiz Housing Scheme, Khadim Hussain Road. 

In these places, you can find numerous plots for sale in Rawalpindi and invest in them.

All of these localities are fully developed and provide excellent amenities such as 24-hour security, petrol stations, community centers, hospitals, mosques, schools, and colleges, as well as easily accessible commercial areas. 

As a result of this, these regions are ideal locations for real estate investing.

Residential and commercial plots for sale in Rawalpindi range from 3 marlas - 5 marla plots in size. Their prices range from Rs. 1200000 to 2500000000.

Here are some helpful tips for purchasing a property:

  • Investigate Everything Carefully - Before you start investing in real estate, be sure to conduct your homework on current consumer trends, market prices, and high-yielding regions. You don't want to make an incorrect selection and be stuck with it.
  • Proper Background Investigation - It's critical to conduct a background check on the property, previous owners, and relevant documentation prior to purchasing a plot. Make sure you double-check the legality of it and contact your lawyer before buying something that may be disputed.
  • Pay with Cash - It is advisable to utilize cash. Even though bank loans are becoming easier to obtain recently, they are difficult to pay back and can wreak havoc on your mind and funds. Avoid it!

Plot for Sale in Rawalpindi - What is the Investment Scope? 

Rawalpindi is a bustling city in Pakistan and has the headquarters of the Pakistani army, is located between the valley of Azad Kashmir and Punjab. 

Islamabad and Rawalpindi are sister cities because of their proximity and similarities.

In fact, one of the most well-known real estate projects in Pakistan: Bahria Town, is under the authority of both Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Furthermore, residents only know the city as "Pindi."

Regular strolls throughout the city's streets will take you to magnificent historical structures and ancient sites that can be found all over town. 

Pindi was previously the national capital from 1959 to 1969, before Islamabad rose to prominence. The city consists of seven autonomous tehsils.

Real Estate in Rawalpindi - Present and Emerging Trends

Rawalpindi real estate is gaining ground and illuminating Pakistan's bright future, thanks to a large display of enhanced property marketing value.

With special pricing offers, the city has a broad selection of both residential and commercial plots for sale.

When looking for a location in Rawalpindi, you'll have a lot of options. Before you make any decisions, conduct extensive research to ensure that they are the best option.

Plot Locations for Sale in Rawalpindi - Available Options 

In most cases, big cities have set limits on the number of residential neighborhoods with vacant lots, however, we provide an almost infinite number of alternatives for you listed as follows:

Some famous and luxurious residential areas include Bahria Town Rawalpindi, Chaki Road, Capital Smart City, Adiala Road, Punjab Government, Gulshan Abad, Taj Residencia, CBR Town Phase 2, Airport Housing Society, and Chakbeli Road. All of these areas and neighborhoods have a good number of plots for sale.

Another popular area for home construction is Rawat, where there are many plots available. 

Another essential consideration is the range of plot sizes available. They range from 3 marlas to 10 marla plots in size.

Sale Price Trends for Plots in Rawalpindi - What to Expect? 

The cost trends of all the locations with available sites are affected by a similar increase in pricing. We may make a basic list of prices taking into account the amenities, utilities, area, landmarks, and other factors.

Let's take a look at it:

  • In Rawalpindi, a 3 Marla plot costs from PKR 5.94 million to PKR 22.5 million on average.
  • A 5 marla plot in Rawalpindi will cost an average of PKR 8.9 lakh to PKR 1.35 crore, with prices tending to rise gradually.
  • If you want to buy a 10 marla plot, your average investment should be between PKR 15 lakh and PKR 1.75 crore.

Available Schools and Colleges in Rawalpindi

Students often prioritize excellent colleges and institutions as a major priority, and every family desires to give their children a high-quality education.

Some good and prestigious schools in the city include The City School, Roots Millennium Schools, Beaconhouse School System, Grammar School Rawalpindi, Siddeeq Public School, and Froebel’s International School.

Some government schools are also providing excellent educational services.

Saint Annee’s Presentation Convent High School, SLS Montessori & School, S. S Montessori School Rawalpindi, Rawalpindi City School, Green School System Rawalpindi, etc are some other options that are readily available.

For post-secondary education, the city has numerous commendable colleges including Army Medical College, National College of Arts, Riphah International University, Rawalpindi Women University, and Fatima Jinnah Women University.

Other top universities are Rawalpindi Medical University, Fauji Foundation College Rawalpindi, Gordon College Pakistan, and Punjab College.

Healthcare System in Rawalpindi - What Hospitals are Available? 

Rawalpindi also has a long history of providing high-quality healthcare services. You should think about living within a mile of a hospital whether you're buying or leasing a property in Rawalpindi.

Some of the best and top hospitals in the city include Benazir Bhutto Hospital, Ahmed Medical Complex, Holy Family Hospital, Fauji Foundation Hospital Rawalpindi, Military Hospital, Maryam Memorial Hospital Rawalpindi, Bilal Hospital Rawalpindi, Margalla General Hospital, Nusrat Hospital, Cantt General Hospital, Railway General Hospital, etc.

It's just as essential to prioritize your health issues as it is to schedule time away from the city for other living arrangements and sophisticated medical procedures, such as surgery and advice services, to be readily available.

Shopping Malls in Rawalpindi - Available Shopping Options 

The city is a fantastic location for anybody who enjoys going shopping every now and then. Shopping, fancy or informal, cheap or high-end, day or night - you can find it all in Rawalpindi.

Some notable and famous shopping destinations are Malikabad Shopping Centre, Rafay Mall, Gold Point Shopping Mall, City Shopping Mall, Shan Shopping Mall, Rania Mall, City Centre, P&J Emporium Mall, Abdullah Plaza Rawalpindi, and others.

Also, there are several local bazaars to choose from that are teeming with hues, patterns, and alternatives. Some of the most significant shopping places in this regard are Purana Qila, Bhabra Bazaar, and Raja Bazaar.

Apart from that, there are a plethora of supermarkets including CSD Supermarket, Imtiaz Super Market, Utility Store, Hamza Super Store, Naheed Supermarket, and other shops to meet your regular shopping demands.

Restaurants, Bistros and Other Eateries in Rawalpindi 

There are a number of delightful restaurants in the city, each with beautiful outdoor settings and attentive service.

Some famous eateries in Rawalpindi are Food Street Rawalpindi, Pizza Square, Aseel Shinwari Restaurant, Texas Steakhouse, Lahori Samosay, Anarkali Restaurant, Monal Downtown Rawalpindi, Mei Kong, Zouq Mughal Restaurant, Nematoon Restaurant, and Roasters: Coffee House & Grill.

Besides, there are loads of other restaurants and eating places where you could go with your family and enjoy delicious food.

Other options include Biryani Bistro, Bonfire Restaurant & Cafe, Burger Bistro, Cafe Trieste, etc.

Commute Options in Rawalpindi - How to Travel Around the City? 

The city is working to provide cost-effective transportation alternatives for residents who live in urban areas. The necessity for transport in larger metropolitan areas is greater.

In Rawalpindi, there are a variety of solutions for utilizing commute services. Public transportation is one option, as well as private cars.

Buses, rickshaws, taxis, and other forms of public transportation are everywhere. Many people utilize ride-hailing apps to travel between locations. Careem, Uber, and Bykea are the three most popular companies for this purpose.

Rawalpindi also offers Metro-buses, which transport people from one location to another and make traveling more convenient for everyone.