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9 Budgeting Tips To Get Rich


Adnan Ul Haq

Module 4:Money

9 Budgeting Tips To Get Rich

Adnan Ul Haq

9 Budgeting Tips To Get Rich

Are you unable to save money? Are you trying so hard to put a portion of your salary aside? Don't worry! We are here to tell you some quick tips and tricks that will streamline your budgeting issues.

Here are nine budgeting tips that will set you up for financial freedom:

  • Track Your Spending

If you want to save money, you must learn how to budget and spend wisely. To be wise with your money, the first step is to keep track of where it goes. Write down what you spend each day. By tracking your spending, you will know for sure where your money goes.

  • Use One Card

The best way to track your spending is to use one card for all your payments. Use either a credit card or a debit card, but only use that one card to make payments. Don’t use cash.

Let’s talk about the card you are using for your spending. You can get a statement at the end of the month indicating which purchases were made during that time period. If it’s a debit or credit card, you will see when and what was purchased on the statement. Save a copy of the statement for yourself.

  • Audit Your Statement

You can identify savings by auditing your expenses, and you'll likely find many things. You'll notice that you're being charged for things that you pay for on a regular basis. For example, say you have a Netflix account but haven't watched anything on it for several years. You'll be able to identify something like this once you audit your expenses.

Make sure to cut these types of extra expenses and add these to your savings. 

  • Cut Down Recurring Expenses

If you want to save money, you should cut back on expenses that aren’t important. Cutting back will decrease how much you spend each month and reduce your fixed expenses. For example, cutting down cable subscription charges or a Netflix account that you have never used.

  • Cut Down Wants

You need to know the difference between wants and needs. How to differentiate between needs and wants? Let us tell you. 

‘Need’ is something that you require necessarily. You have to wear clothes to cover your body and shoes to walk. You also need food to get the energy to perform daily tasks.  They are all a need.

But what is a want? A need represents something that we cannot live without, while a want is something we desire but may not need. I should have three to four more pairs of clothes and coats; this is want.

You need to cut your wants right now so you can fulfill them later. If you want to be able to retire early, you need to invest in property or other safe investments. You need to lower your standard of living so you can maintain a high standard of living later. 

  • Forced Investment

You can portion out your finances for investment by force as well. You can purchase an apartment, a plot in an under-construction project, or a house by installments in a society. If you do this, you can force yourself to fix your finances in the sense that you will be investing portions of your earnings rather than spending the whole lot at once.

  • Pay Your Bills On Time

The seventh thing you have to do is pay your bills on time. If you pay for your credit card late, you can face a penalty of two hundred or three hundred dollars. There are two disadvantages to this. Your credit rating will go down, and you will often be receiving penalties.

To get rid of these penalties and increase your credit score, make sure you pay your bills on time. This demonstrates that you are reliable, trustworthy, and responsible.

  • Review Your Bank Account Type

The eighth point is that you check your bank account. There are many different types of bank accounts, and each one has different charges. Some accounts have transaction charges, which can vary by the number of transactions you make. 

The bank charges you’re being levied are hefty every month. Look in all your accounts and move money to the right ones, so your bank charges reduce.

  • Induce Shopping Dopamine Through Investing

We’re not going to stop shopping; we’ll only shop for investments. We’ll shop for apartments and properties in our investment ventures.  You can agree your wife or husband to do this kind of shopping instead of wasting your savings on unnecessary wants invest in property. 

You’re not going to spend any money on such expenditures. You’re going to shop for investments only.

  • Think Out of the Box

You should avoid the mental trap of thinking inside the box; instead, think about what’s outside the box. By thinking outside the box, you’ll find creative ways to reduce expenses. When you do, you’ll cut your expenditures and save money for investing. With extra savings to invest and a good passive income, you can have a happy life after retirement. 

If you pay attention to these 10 points and try to streamline your budgeting, you will be able to enjoy a comfortable life in your old age.