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9 Money Advices You Should Not Follow


Adnan Ul Haq

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9 Money Advices You Should Not Follow

Adnan Ul Haq

9 Money Advices You Should Not Follow

The things you learn in school can hold a lot of people back from becoming wealthy. Wealthy does not always mean having money, but it's more about making up your mindset. 

Following are the nine points that will help you make money

  • Saving Alone is not Enough!

The first thing that kids are taught at school is to save money. However, if you keep all your savings in a bank account, then it will never benefit you. Inflation is increasing day by day, which in turn is reducing the value of the currency.  Therefore instead of saving you must invest your money!

  • Say No to Excessive Debt!

The second thing that is taught to you is not to take on too much debt. You should definitely take on some debt because you won't be able to make money if you don't. Rich people use debt as a tool by buying debt at a low rate and then investing it at a higher rate, making more money in the difference. 

For example, if you got a property for 2 to 3% on debt, and after two years, you collected 10% on that property and earned 7% money. Next, if another property has increased from 1 crore to 2 crores, then you earn a crore from there as well. You can make a lot of money by taking on a little bit of debt.

  • Government Job Scam!

The third thing people are learning is how to do a government job. There are no pensions given in a government job now because they are trying to end pension culture. The government also sometimes sells departments, which means the people who work there have no job security.

And sometimes, the government offers a golden handshake, which means employees get a small amount of money. This is because the value of money is decreasing over time. The pension you will get in the future won't be enough to cover all your expenses. So it's not worth it to get a government job anymore.

  • Work Smart not Hard!

The next old money advice is to do hard work. Hard work doesn't always earn you a lot of money, but working smart can. For example, if you are working very hard on something but the money earned is minimum wage, another person who works productively and hires programmers or engineers will make a lot more money. 

So, hard work isn't always the answer - working smart is. 

  • Sell Assets When Prices are High!

You should never sell your property at a loss, and there are certain times that you need to make sure this doesn't happen. When the market is down for long periods of time, it’s usually best if we buy rather than rent or lease something new. 

Because then our assets will be worth more in two years from now when things finally start getting better again. 

  • Run After Knowledge, Not Grades!

The next lie being told is that you will get rich if you go to school and get good grades. This isn't true. The college toppers wouldn't be teaching at schools and colleges if this were the case. Getting good grades isn't the only solution. Often, average-grade students sit in higher positions. You should run after knowledge instead of running after grades.

  • Take Risks!

The next thing you are learning is how to invest safely. If you don't take any risks, you will lose out. You must take risks to practice new things. We are not saying that you should start taking risks with huge amounts and investments. 

But you can initially start with small amounts and investments.  

  • Make Money through Money!

You have to spend money in order to make money. This can be understood in a way that you may invest in an asset, e.g., you purchased a rental property. An income starts coming through the property in the form of rent, and now you can invest in other options. In this way, you have generated money through money. You can also take the example of online earning. People are making websites and generating income through them. 

  • Work Yourself!

Do not hire a man force at the beginning stage of your business. Try to do maximum work by yourself. The old saying “do everything yourself” is still lingering around today. Some people say that you should never outsource your work or delegate it because then there's no one to take care of all those pesky details.

Financial freedom is not something that can be acquired with money. However, you will find ways to make your income grow even further if it's been struggling lately. And if you focus on any of the above points, it will surely help you make more money.