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Fake Money vs God's Money


Adnan Ul Haq

Module 4:Money

Fake Money vs God's Money

Adnan Ul Haq

Fake Money vs God's Money

Fake Money and God’s Money are the two forms of wealth that people around the globe possess. However, both these forms of wealth differ from each other greatly. Let’s dig into this discussion deeper to understand the difference between Fake Money and God’s Money. 

Here’s a quick question that you need to ask yourself - How can something printable be real?

As the government keeps on printing more notes, the value of your money in your bank account keeps on reducing. This phenomenon implies that the value of your income, pension, or salary in your bank accounts will keep on depreciating over time. Moreover, it is upon the auspices of the government to print as many notes as they require. 

In 1947, the value of one rupee was equal to the value of the dollar. This comparison is being drawn between dollar and rupee because the dollar itself is also fake money.  The dollar is now considered fake money because, in 1976, the government of the United States of America removed dollar from the gold standards. Previously, when their government printed money, it saved the same amount of gold in reserves and printed the notes in a similar proportion only. However, the government discontinued this practice in 1976, and the other states globally also followed them. 

At that time the value of 1 rupee was equal to that of 1 dollar. However, we are well aware of the current value of these currencies. So, just hold on for a second and imagine, how much the value of printable notes has depreciated over time. So, people who had an account balance of PKR 3-4 lac in  1947, might not even have PKR 1 in their accounts. This helps us infer that printable money is fake, it can never be real and its value keeps depreciating over time. 

So, the goods that are purchasable today with a certain amount of money will not be purchasable with the same amount of money years later. For instance, a sugar bag that costs you PKR 1000 today, will cost you probably PKR 5000 after some years. Thus, the worth of money is never stagnant in fact will disparage eventually. 

Now you might be wondering, what is real money then? 

The answer - God’s Money!

What is God’s money? 

Silver is God’s money, Gold is God’s money, and Property is God’s money. Basically, anything valuable around us in the environment, created by God can be referred to as God’s money. 

The smart strategy - If you have huge amounts of money deposited in your bank accounts, withdraw it and convert it into God’s money. You can do this by converting your fake money into real money that is God’s money. In simple terms, you should invest your money to buy gold, silver, or properties. 

Shifting your fake money into real money has two major perks. The first is that the value of God’s money, or your asset, will keep on increasing always. In contrast, to the value of the fake money that keeps on depreciating always. If you had your money in the bank accounts, as the government printed more notes, you were becoming poor. On the other hand, if you have God’s money, as time passes you will become richer. 

The other advantage is that if you invest in a property, for instance in a shop, you will receive a cash flow in return. This may be monthly, quarterly, or periodically. Regardless of how many or fewer notes the government prints, you will keep generating wealth as your rentals will increase. 

Thus, ultimately you will have a constant source of passive income which will pave your way towards financial independence. Being financially independent means that you will be relieved from the worries of monthly expenditures or long-term financial burdens. You will be able to lead a stress-free life easily. 

To sum up the discussion, it can be said that printable money is fake money, while God’s money is real money. God’s money is the value represented by natural commodities like gold, silver, and property. You should prefer keeping your wealth in the form of real money since that will make you wealthier over time and will lead you towards financial independence.