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Why Ustaad is important in Property?


Adnan Ul Haq

Module 6:Making Money in Real Estate

Why Ustaad is important in Property?

Adnan Ul Haq

Why Ustaad is important in Property?

Should you take guidance from a mentor while investing in real estate or elsewhere? Yes, you should!

Mentors are important for many reasons. They can provide:

  • Guidance
  • Advice 
  • Mentorship

All these things will help guide your journey as an investor. One of the best ways to find someone with experience who would make great company on this path is by simply asking others around you.

A Mentor is Experienced

Mentorship is important because it gives you the chance to learn from someone who has already been through what you're going through now. They may be able to spot things that are wrong before other people can figure them out. 

Mentors also give advice on how to handle certain situations or problems which can save time and energy when fixing an issue at hand.

The more time you spend on something, the better your grasp on it will be. For example, a person who’s been doing this for 20-25 years has put plenty of effort and skill into his work, so he knows exactly what needs to happen or not happen next!

Shortens the Learning Curve 

When you're just starting out, it can be hard to know everything. That's why this mentorship will help quicken your learning curve by being able to take in all the information and skills needed for success.

It is important that you stay with the right people. Learning something new takes time. However, if, for instance, it would take a normal person to learn these things in 3 years, with a mentor, it would only take a year for you to learn them. This is because they will impart practical knowledge to you, in addition to theoretical knowledge. 

Teaches the Industrial Norms 

Industrial norms are a set of standards in an industry that you should adopt if you want to move two steps ahead of your competitors. However, there is one essential thing which we can all learn from them - the importance of maintaining good customer service and work ethics!

An “USTAD” will tell us what to do and what not to do while working. They're very helpful indeed when picking up essential skills for any aspiring entrepreneur or investor seeking success with their own venture later down the road.

Tells You What Not To Do 

A mentor is the one who tells you what to do to excel in a specific field. It is extremely important to know what not to do because the “ustaad” speaks with his experience.

It's really important that we listen when someone teaches us something because they have had experience with doing so themselves. This means if we will listen to their advice we can surely get a reward. 

Learn to Be a Lion Among Lions 

A lion, if born among goats, will always run away. It will always act like a goat. It will have the traits of goats too. But if a goat is raised among the lions, it will catch the traits of a lion.

So, you have to develop the traits of a lion within yourself. To bring the traits of a lion within you, you would have to stay among the lions. That is when you’ll learn to hunt and develop the habits of a lion.

Remember that no matter who you are or what your skill set entails, there is always room to learn from other people. When it comes down to the opportunity for growth and improvement, don't be afraid of taking mentorship advice!

Getting good mentorship is the key to success in real estate. Being mentored by experienced veterans can help you learn through the success and failures of someone else.