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How to Select The Best location to Make Money?


Adnan Ul Haq

Module 4:Real Estate Strategies

How to Select The Best location to Make Money?

Adnan Ul Haq

How to Select The Best location to Make Money?

The prices of properties in some areas remain stagnant for years, while others are doubling within six or seven months. That's why a professional always selects an optimum location with great opportunities. 

There are a few points that you need to keep in mind to select the right location for buying a property to make money. 

  • Check the Walk Score

Walk score implies that if a resident of an area walks to go to the basic facilities like a hospital, school, public transport, etc., how far does he have to go? The access to these facilities defines the walk score. 

The better the walk score, the more the property value will increase in the future. However, if the walk score is less and the facilities are not easily approachable, then its value will most probably decrease. 

  • Check the Rental Market

Check whether the location you are about to invest in has a good rental value or not? Do more people search about it or not? If the property has a high rental market and a high demand, then its price will increase in the future or over a period of time regardless of the market trends. 

  • Check the Development Chances

Check how much development has been completed in that area and how much will be done in the future. How much current development has increased the value of the location. Similarly, future development will contribute towards the value of the property in the future. 

  • Area Potential

You need to check the potential of the area and what kind of people reside there. You can ask the following questions from the property agent to evaluate the area’s potential:

  • Does the elite class reside here? 
  • Will any schools open here in the future? 
  • Will there be industrial setups? 
  • What kind of setups will come at that location in the future? 

These things define the potential of an area. The higher the potential of an area, the higher will be the appreciation chances of the property value in that area. 

  • Check the Government’s Area Plan

Check what developments the government has planned for this area. Is the government planning to construct a new road there? Is the government planning to bring public transport there? Is the government investing in that locality in the future? 

If the government is investing there in the future, then the value of the property will definitely increase there. 

  • Check the Area’s Approach

Check how far other places are from here. For example,

  • How far is the airport from that area?
  • How far are the main markets from that area? 
  • How approachable is the motorway from that area?

If the approach is good, then obviously, the prospects of price appreciation there are higher, and if not, then the value will not increase, or maybe it takes a lot of time.  

  • Check the Financial Class of the Residents

If there are low-income people residing in the area, then the value of the property in that area is not going to increase. This is because the investors or the elite class people will not go and live at such a location. The demand is created when elite class people live in such locations.

  • Check the Neighborhood

Check which societies are near to the location in which you're investing. Are the societies like the DHA and Bahria Town adjoining? What kind of people live in the surrounding areas of that location. If it has a good neighborhood and elite class people live here, then its prices will most probably increase. 

  • Check the Distance of the Commercial Spaces

If the commercial spaces are approachable from the location, this means that the prices will increase. This is because more and more offices and shopping malls will be built there and more people will come there. 

  • Check the Supply of Houses in that Area

If the supply of houses and apartments in the area is very high, this indicates that there is some issue with the place. On the other hand, if the demand is more and the supply is less, then that is an ideal location, and the demand will keep increasing. 

  • Check the Schooling System

Check if that area has well-reputed schools and educational institutions or are their ordinary schools. Sometimes, people shift to an area for the sake of providing quality education to their kids. 

  • Check the Price History

Check the changes in the price trend of at least the previous 5 years. Meet the dealer, ask them, or take an idea from the market by asking other people. If the price has increased, then it is an ideal location, but if the prices increase slowly, then you can look for some other better option. 

  • Check the Crime Rate

If the area has a high crime rate, then the property prices will not increase because it means that there are no proper security arrangements. If it has a minimum crime rate, then it means that the area is safe, and the property prices will most likely go up. 

  • Check the Literacy Rate

People who live in an area with more educated citizens will find that the property prices are higher. This is because these residents have higher disposable incomes and thus can afford to buy homes or rent according to their needs. 

  • Check the Population Growth Rate

If the population of an area is constantly increasing, it means that there will be more demand for houses. More demand means that the prices of the property will increase, and more investment will come in. 

  • Check the Facilities Offered

Check for the basic facilities first and then secondary. For example electricity, gas and water supply are the basic facilities they must be present. Furthermore, the availability of school, hospital, etc make the location ideal, and prices go up!

  • Check the Law and Order Situation

Check if the area is peaceful and there are no recurring fights and attacks in that area. If the law and order situation is under control in that area then the property prices will appreciate. 

  • Check the Access to Public Transport 

If public transport is accessible, then the prices of the property will increase more. On the other hand, if people have to go far to access public transport, then the property will have a lesser demand and the prices will not increase as much. 

Once you have done all the necessary research and planning, it is important to create a checklist of points. These should be checked off before making any investment decisions regarding real estate in that area!