Real Estate Investing

Become Rich Using Property Case Study


Adnan Ul Haq

Module 7:Real Estate Case Studies

Become Rich Using Property Case Study

Adnan Ul Haq

Become Rich Using Property Case Study

This case study is about an insurance broker who used to earn to make both ends meet. But her financial condition wasn't that well. Let us tell you through a case study how she became rich by investing in real estate.

She got her bachelor's in Business degree. She moved to Canada, where she struggled quite often but managed somehow with what little resources were available until she got a brokerage license.  

So, someone gave her an idea that under-construction projects like plaza apartments are available at a low cost, so the woman immediately bought one of them. She bought the apartment with all the amount she had in hand and paid for the other apartments in installments. 

Also, she got two great benefits.

  • First off, since it was still developing, she got it at a cheap rate, which means that all of her future installment plans were also at low costs. 
  • Second, once all the payments were made and it had been 4 to 5 years, the value of her property increased.

Moreover, the property’s value was appreciated greatly. When the under-construction project is being built, its price is very cheap, but when it develops fully, the value of the property increases, and you get development gain as well.

Then, she went to the bank and asked to refinance it. 

Refinance means that you take your property to the bank and ask them for a loan by leveraging the property. The loan on the property is secure, so the interest rate is low. 

She took a reasonable loan of PKR 1 crore and invested it in the other 4 under-construction apartments. She bought 4 apartments in installments and took the mortgage from the bank. 

She didn't have a lot of money, so she leased apartments at different rates. She refinanced one apartment where she lived and mortgaged the other four apartments.

Also, she made sure that the rent for her apartments was higher than the mortgage price. So, she could pay the installments and generate a passive income for herself as well. 

The property cycle is a natural phenomenon that regulates price appreciation and depreciation of the properties over time. 

When the value of her property doubled, she sold two apartments, and paid the remaining liability on three properties with ease! In this way, she made a better earning by investing in property. 

Investing in real estate is a great way to make money without doing any work. Now she has three apartments and is living without working through the monthly rental income. If she can make it to the brighter end, then why can’t you?