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Become rich Using Under construction Case Study


Adnan Ul Haq

Module 7:Real Estate Case Studies

Become rich Using Under construction Case Study

Adnan Ul Haq

Become rich Using Under construction Case Study

You can become rich too by investing in real estate! Who doesn't want to be successful and famous? Well, we'll tell you a story that will help you know how to become rich from under-construction projects. 

I have a friend named Imran, who was an IT professional. Initially, he was a technician and worked through minor jobs. A point came when he wasn't able to sustain himself and his expenses were not met through these minor jobs. 

Someone suggested him to take one of his friends along and make a company of his own. So, he was doing minor jobs, and along with it, he set up a small IT company. His friend used to manage the company and he used to do its marketing. Then eventually in 2010, he bought his own IT company by looking at a favorable opportunity. 

He availed that opportunity by meeting some other entrepreneurs and raised investments from them to buy that IT company. When he bought that IT company, it had about 7 to 8 employees only. Those employees were very hard working and he was himself very motivated as well. 

He got some good clients and generated good profits to sustain the company. He brought the company out of loss and the company started to generate the salaries and meet its basic expenses. He did a wonderful thing by analyzing that this company will generate income for the basic expenses and if there will be an increase or decrease in the cash flow then it will help me meet those fluctuations. 

Then he started to invest in under-construction projects. Under-construction projects are buildings, plazas at a location where the land is not fully developed yet and the value of land is lower. So initially the developers sell the land at a cheap price. 

At the time of launch, an under-construction project is available at a very low rate. So, in this way you get a cheap property, in installments, and you get a vast choice as well. Thus, Imran basically invested in such 2 or 3 under-construction projects. When those under-construction projects came near their completion phase their prices increased majorly. 

But, the best thing was that where ever he invested, he did that after due diligence and with trusted developers. So, the prices of the properties increased day by day. 


The interesting thing here is that his IT company was generating a basic income to meet expenses, but these properties in which he invested, were generating him 5 to 10 times higher income. Another thing that he did was that he bought an apartment and he could not pay the installments so he got it refinanced from the bank. 

He used to buy apartments at places where the rental margin was high but the installments were low.  So, he would rent out properties and take loans from the bank and keep paying installments through the rent. He kept following this strategy and built many apartments. 

Currently, the net worth of this man is approximately $10 million. This is the same man who did not have money to fulfill his basic expenses and struggled so much. Today he has a net worth of $10 million dollars and his company has 50 to 60 employees. 

So, if he can do it then why can’t you? You can also definitely do it! 

All you have to do is to invest in real estate but remember it will only benefit you if you will perform proper research and work with trusted developers.